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  1. Na it’s about 4 years old now thanks for reconfirming my assumptions
  2. Was plugged into CPU fan because system wouldn’t run when plugged into water cooler option but it’s only a 3 pin plug regardless, but have swapped it to the water cooler and moved one of the fans to the cpu fan slot and will test it out
  3. Hi all, I have my 6700k running at extreme temperatures and suspect it might be something to do with the aio pump but it still seems a little extreme to me. once the system has been running it will sit at 75-95*C idle with 2% load, fans in the Corsair H115 running at speeds that resemble a helicopter taking off, let alone browsing the net and watching YouTube. sometimes I can’t get past the bios screen because it’s too hot to boot (if I restart mid session) I have put new thermal thermal grizzly paste on multiple times, repositioned fan configura
  4. Thanks @SiliconT i totally overlooked the m.2 being PCIe Gen4, that makes perfect sense and is a no-brainer! Regarding the ram you think this one is the best way to go? regardless if i tweak it or use the XMP? https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47071/corsair-vengeance-rgb-pro-16gb-2x8gb-3600mhz-cl16-ddr4
  5. Hi LLT peeps, I am looking at doing a new Ryzen 3950x build (using my 980ti GPU until nVidia 30 series comes out) and i had some questions about RAM for Ryzen, this is my first time going to team red and I am lacking a bit of knowledge to why the price variance in the ram is so significant that some ram is literally more than 2x the price for same 16gb both at 3600MHz just different timings and CL (don't know much about the latency) I wish to put 32gb and want to go with the Corsair Vengeance RGB series. I was planning on going for option 1 as it is specifically for AMD
  6. hi all, My friend has a lowish end rig and he is asking me what to upgrade for better gaming. (See link below) i am torn on which bit to upgrade first either the cpu i3 6100 or the GPU GTX 560 If we upgraded cpu it would be to a i5 7500 or 7600 if we we upgraded the GPU it would be to a 1050ti i am leaning towards the GPU but wanted to get the consensus of everyone else Below are his specs https://valid.x86.fr/qtzqkq Tips appreciated Cheers Chris
  7. You do make valid points, the pascal announcements is only 2 weeks away or something isn't it?
  8. So you recon it is better to get a SLI build but with cheaper components? Than running a high end build with only 1 980ti? would it make a difference if I decided to upgrade to pascal or a different gpu down the track?
  9. Debating if I pull the trigger b4 pascal but if I do I was looking at the below build, I would love everyone's opinion. I would like to go for a white theme (but not compulsory), maybe add some custom white cables for GPU. 1. Budget & Location - $3000 to $4000 Australian 2. Aim - To build a good gaming get PC (mainly blizzard games now) to run on max settings while future proofing for 4-5 years 3. Monitors - I own 2x 27inch Samsung monitors, possible upgrade monitors to 4K in 1-2 years 4. Peripherals - I don't require peripherals apart from a new Windows l