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    Intel Core i5-3770k
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    Asus P8Z77 WS
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  1. crazy i havent heard this mentioned but the true savings for AMD is in the freesync technology. i dont think there is a person out there that says a monitor running a sync solution is better then one that isnt. we are talking 200-250 USD cards here and its for gamers not for people just looking to get by as they can easily use a 550 or 1050 and play just about all the basic games to great effect. CS:GO/DOTA 2/tf2/civ 5 etc People getting 1060/480/580 are people who are budget conscious and want the best bang for buck and still want a great experience playing triple AAA titles and dont wanna
  2. Im wondering how i can overclock my VA32AQ 31.5" IPS 5ms 60hz display to 75hz. Ive tried that traditional methods but amd seems to have taken away some options in the new relive software and im unable to recreate guide videos for doing it. I set the resolution in CRU but its never there after i reset the driver. I noticed i was on Generic PNP driver and there isnt one available from asus. am i SOL?
  3. is this a good deal i heard these guys ship to alot of places that usually have issues. https://www.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/4GB-MSI-Radeon-RX-480-Gaming-X-4G-Aktiv-PCIe-3-0-x16--Retail-_1119319.html
  4. the pcb is kinda weak on those. atleast the cheap xfx (bestbuy model). Not sure about the Dual but its also a budget version of the rx480. If you dont plan on overclocking id just get out noise comparisons which probably has the xfx running quieter. how much are you spending id consider getting a 8gb or waiting for the rx 570/580 its quite possible the rx 570 will beat the rx480. i hear the 580 is up ot 15-25 percent better and is running at 1500mhz+
  5. id get neither. Go one step up with the xfx and get the XXX oc or the base asus strix. I personally like the Msi Gaming X for the great cooler that is very quiet at loud.
  6. check out jayztwocentz video on the xfx gtr rx 480 and thats about what the rx 580 will be. he managed to get a really good card that could boost to huge clocks and used less power then some cards do out of the box. I believe the 580 is just a refined binned version of the 480 chips.
  7. identical PCB's so pretty much the exact same card. Im guessing they sort by asic or some other form of testing on the gpu chips themselves to give themselves better candidates to hold the higher boost clocks. I expect pretty much every rx 480 with reference or better pcb to get 1400mhz. The strix is a fantastic card and is overbuilt for the rx480 chip which is always a great thing. Only xfx gtr comes close. Its really luck of the draw with rx 480s there even a chance your non OC strix could be stable at higher clocks then the OC model but its unlikely.
  8. depends on the game you play but if you got a rx 480 and were looking to upgrade soon id say wait for vega till you buy a 1070 and hold off the 2nd 480 as theres a good chance one of your major titles has little to no current sli/cf support. one rx 480 can get you along for a few more months at 1080/1440 60hz gaming.
  9. i think thats what he means by "wont go into full work" meaning 99% usage im guessing.
  10. ive heard of older nvidia and amd gpus running on windows drivers even though they had installed the new ones from geforce or crimson. also id consider turning off ambient occlusion in your games aswell and check to see what drivers it says its running in GPU-Z.
  11. I recommend using sapphire trixx as i found it works best with nitro cards. couldnt overvolt my 380X setup till i unlocked it in trixx. Msi is fantastic utility aswell. I also was unable to input manual amounts and was forced to go up in incremental amounts like you stated.
  12. 8 gb 470 or 480 will do you great. or a R9 390X/fury/fury nano/fury x.