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  1. hm... while I probably wouldn't be affected by such an issue, it makes me weary that its an issue in the first place. Does Corsair do the same?
  2. Just bought a high gloss linnmon desk with silver legs. Got rid of my old matte linnmon since the paint chipped and it was too big.
  3. Ban spoons cuz they enable people to become fat. Ban cars cause they enable drunk drivers to crash. Retarded logic is retarded.
  4. Yes, I want a Retina Air 13" but if Apple doesn't update the Air then I will be forced to get a MacBook Pro. Not ideal but what can you do.
  5. This is good news as I'm probably going to have to upgrade to a MacBook Pro with integrated graphics since Apple refuses to upgrade the Air to a Retina display.
  6. Another example of abuse of government power... and here people were thinking bigger government will solve the problem.
  7. I put my iphone under some red lights and played some sexy music. It looked pretty hot to me.
  8. it looks like ass. but more power to those who claim they don't care about looks!
  9. oh. Isn't 2K 1920x1080? Since 4K is double that at 3840x2160p? Anyway, if that's the case then I say wait to make your decision and look at the benchmarks of the latest cards of the titles you want to play.
  10. Wasn't the 970 already quite good at 1080p gaming? If the performance rumors are true, the 1070 will be more than capable for 1080p and the 1070 will serve more value than its flagship priced counter part. I say go 1070 and g sync monitor.
  11. I would get a MacBook. You'll find in college that outlets are quite scarce and so you'll want something that has really good battery life.
  12. Hush! Logic isn't welcome on this forum!
  13. Bernie's policies wouldn't work in the US. Heck, they wouldn't work anywhere. Take a look at failing economies of Europe. Europe is only standing due to the US economy and even the US economy is quite poor.