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  1. Yes, had to buy the adapter from phanteks, from phanteks rgb to argb. Its linked in the main thread
  2. What third party link cable are they using? I'm also curious if a usb-c to usb-c cable can be used as a link too
  3. If it helps; gigabyte and iiyama has freesync premium, the AOC only has normal freesync The GB3461WQSU-B1 is flat and not curved either than the GB3466WQSU I think i narrowed it down between gigabyte and iiyama. Cuz freesync premium
  4. What do u think of monoprice next to the shit stands? Im gonna mount it anyway
  5. So I'm from europe and looking for a new monitor. Coming from a dual 1080p 60hz set up 144hz 3440 x 1440 ultrawide 34" vesa mount (100x100 or 75x75) ~450€ It's going to be used for gaming + work (programming, webdesign ..) I've already did some research and found these: AOC CU34G2X/BK Gigabyte G34WQC Iiyama G-Master GB3466WQSU-B1 Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor Monoprice Dark Matter (on sale right now for 400€ but absolutely no reviews anywhere?) I reall
  6. I'd like to see an oculus quest 2 review, just like the first
  7. Linus said in the video that Intel has slight higher single threaded performance, but isnt that a bit misleading? Intel only has higher clock advantage - if AMD would have a CPU that can reach 5Ghz it'd be better in gaming no? Or does it mean the same thing? I thought Zen 2 beat Intel in single thread performance too
  8. Yay, lets all buy a big premium for that feature and use it in 3 games!
  9. Interesting, didnt know it exists. Too bad theres like no reviews of it online
  10. Yeah true about that they don't go bad or lose airflow. I got a P400s so i'm looking at a better airflow case or the front panel of the P400A. The p400A has some mixed reviews. Most of them say the airflow isn't good indeed but then i saw Gamer Nexus with a tweet of the P400A doing pretty well. So im eagerly waiting for that video too
  11. Are there any new cases coming out sooner or later? Or we don't know anything? Just curious in case i can wait The only new cases that came out some weeks ago i know about were from lian li and phanteks (p400a). I'm looking for a good airflow case which is nice to look at with a TG/window and decent cable management space as my PSU has thicc cables + using corsair rgb ecosystem.
  12. I mean .. the XR has a 720p screen, 3GB ram, 12MP/7MP camera's, 2900 mah battery for 800€, yay apple. This is nothing new tbh, their harware will always be worse than 200€ android phones
  13. Its the best mid-ranger and has better specs/camera than some high-end phones. It's definitely a great buy.
  14. That's not the only good thing about the P30 Pro, the XR (actually any Iphone) is so bad compared to the P30 P30 has higher screen res (xr isn't even HD) more ram (8 GB > 3 GB) more storage capacity (128GB > 64 GB) has OLED display (XR has just LCD) better cpu better camera's (as said): 40MP/32MP > 12MP/7MP etc If IOS is more important than these above, then stick to an iphone
  15. As far as i can tell and read, you've done it correctly. You only need one node pro The LL fans connect to the fan hub, the fan hub connects to the node pro on 1 port/slot and a sata power connector. The led strips (can be chained) which connect directly to the other port/slot on the node pro. The node pro connects to an internal usb 2.0 and sata power connector. Did you also install the Cue software from corsair? There you have to specify how much LL fans and led strips you use. Else they wont light up if i remember correctly