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  1. Cool, maybe if they stop shitting on their consumers I'll get one. As it stands, the Switch doesn't even have the best Metroid made in the past 10 years, so now I feel more motivated to just get a GPD Win instead.
  2. I guess it's kinda like the CU system that AMD had with their APU's I guess then?
  3. The intercommunications between two CCX's definitely sounds like part of the easy IPC gains that they were talking about in the AMA. Whatever you might be gleaning from this, there's a lot that AMD could improve upon. Just like Intel with Nehalem. And honestly, given where Zen is now, having obvious and fixable bottlenecks makes me very optimistic for the future of Zen based chips.
  4. Plenty of people including myself are fine without smartphones. They're still ultimately a convenience, not a necessity. My stipulation is that the convenience doesn't outweigh the potential costs that smartphones currently pose, and at that point I'd rather have something else fill the niche of a ultraportable computing device. It's why I'm interesting in machines like the GPD Win.
  5. We can all but hope. I don't think this'll be the case though, developers are increasingly dependent on money from companies like MS to budget their increasingly expensive games.
  6. I could actually see this as being a somewhat believable price. Zen might offer performance close to Intel's top end, but they can't promise the same features. And to that end, as much as they'd like to price to match with Intel, they can't. And they know that now.
  7. I would be interested in a surface phone if it did indeed come with a x86 processor and could run Win32 apps. I would be more than happy to do so, and Windows phone should have been like that in the first place.
  8. Yeah, I can see homebrew being made for this thing. It's just... All it is, is a NES emulation box. Why not give it... I don't know, support for other Nintendo consoles?
  9. Ostensibly, the only requirement is Thunderbolt 3 support, so any Windows laptop with Thunderbolt 3 should support it. I don't get why they don't have any Displayport connectors, because those should support 5k.
  10. Mid console? The 3DS has been out for almost 5 years at that point. If there's ever a time to replace the thing, it was then. And we have seen mid-console refreshes bring major revisions to the hardware, look at the billion different models of Gameboy up until the Gameboy Advance.
  11. Which is why it amazes me that they release a "New" 3DS that's only a bit more powerful for all intents and purposes.
  12. This also means it's more powerful than the 3DS, lol.
  13. It's an AMD title, game was heavily pushed by AMD and AMD cards smashed nVIDIA on release. Either way, I can only hope that this means that later as DX12 gets more and more adoption that it means that multi-gpu becomes more viable.