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    G3258 @ 4.4Ghz
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    8GB HyperX Fury Black
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    EVGA GTX 750TI
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    Corsair Carbridge 100R Silent Edition
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    240GB HDD
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    Evga 430W
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  1. Thoughts on hp 23cw (23" monitor) w/ hp22cwa (21.5" monitor). I currently have the hp 23cw, but buying another hp 23cw is stupidly expensive so would a hp 22cwa be fine, or would it look weird (don't want to stray away from hp)?
  2. Yeah but she said she would foot the remaining cost if it was a macbook.
  3. Never actually thought of looking at ebay lol, looks pretty good I'll think about it. My sister wants me to get a Macbook e.e (but I'll hear her out).
  4. Whichever one is less likely to be crushed in my backpack between textbooks lol Yeah, but hoping to use it for a lot more than just university
  5. Nothing big, just stuff I'll be throwing together in classes; any heavy lifting would be done by my desktop.
  6. So I have a gaming desktop computer, and it will continue to play basically anything I would want to for the foreseeable future. I would like to ask you guys for some advice on laptops, my budget is probably around $1000 and I do not have any real demands then: good battery life, fan less (preferable), webcam, SSD, Wifi, bluetooth if possible . This would also be used for mostly reports and programming. Don't plan to play any games on this (though gaming in general is on the decline for me). Thank you for your help
  7. So randomly my monitor randomly started getting a black pixel line whenever I turn it on, it goes away if I just shake the TV a little bit, any ideas?
  8. In the video there still was a decent increase (but minimal) in the video, and I did say 'some bottlenecking'.
  9. Personally I would go the first route you will have to suck up some bottlenecking but you can be relieved that CPU usage isnt very high compared to 1080p since this is important, at higher resolutions your graphics card with atleast a decent CPU will ALWAYS be the bottleneck higher resolutions is just really GPU intensive. So definitely go the first route with the monitor and the 1070.
  10. If your willing to spend the money sure but if you have a bit of time to spare I would wait to atleast see what the 1080Ti and AMD's Vega look like though I doubt they will be more powerful than the Titan XP
  11. I dont have the best memory of what I did, since its been a while since I had two monitors. So if I remember (atleast its worth a try) unplug your unwanted monitor open bios on the monitor that is still connected (the one you want) then just do a reboot, shutdown. Then reconnect your second monitor.
  12. Ok so I finally here is a pic of my computer I need some help of how to best configure my fans for maximum cooling.
  13. So ever since about a week after I installed by new RX 480 I have had a couple problems where my mouse after a while or entering video games the mouse turns into a dotted white line and doesnt go away no matter what I do (tried everything online), except for a restart of the computer. Also randomly my computer screen freezes, every video, etc. will stop and it randomly turns a colour orange, blue, white, black ,etc.