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  1. My sister's galaxy A5 battery died, I purchased one that was supposedly a 3000mAh battery made in Vietnam from ebay and a 2300mAh one made in China came in instead that would go from 100% to 2% overnight. I managed to refund that one but now I can't seem to find any good one, local repair shop won't sell it without me paying 60$ to have them replace it themselves. I need to find a good seller that's gonna sell a quality replacement battery that will work... thank you.
  2. i don't care about radeon chill, i am just trying to limit framerate, which adrenalin 2019 had an option for and not in adrenalin 2020. it seems in 2020 the only way to limit fps is with radeon chill and that don't work, so i reverted back to adrenalin 2019 on which i can limit framerate with the right thing.
  3. that radeon chill didnt work in crossout, fuck amd, i just reverted to adrenalin 2019
  4. sure i'll revert if it can't be help, but surely they tried to release somethin decent and i'm trying to give it a chance to make it work first. but i get what u mean.
  5. cuz the new one comes with the new drivers and probably some improvements with it...
  6. before you had a slider, now they changed all the stuff and added new facny options that make my games unplayable, ridiculous.
  7. i'm in a well lit room, my eyesight is 20/20. i've just applied my monitor blue light filter, will see if that help.
  8. I've heard there are some glasses out there that help reduce the strain on your eyes from looking at screens? do they work well? what would be a good pair? i have to be in front of a screen for a lot of time and i have some trouble with my eyes and eyelids that go dry please help, thank you very much! glasses that are supposed to block UV and blue light or something?
  9. yeah that's probably it, i think the newer one have slighly less brighteness but better colors, it's not crap, in fact i like it, it's just i was expecting to have the same or something XD
  10. The new ones seems less bright, the greys have a yellow-ish tint in them, both are at the same settings/brightness. my old one uses hdmi-hdmi and the newer is dp-hdmi. Both runs at 75hz with freesync on. What is going on? that's kinda annoying...
  11. This one is 60hz tops as well... and i'd rather have a single male-male cable.
  12. I want to get a second monitor, Asus Vg245h, it only have hdmi and runs 75hz. I have an rx 580 with 1 hdmi and 3 displayport. I need a cable that will do displayport to hdmi and run 75hz. I tried amazon's basic one but it was stuck on 60hz in advanced display settings while the regular hdmi-hdmi of my first monitor (same vg245h) could do 75hz just fine. So i need a displayport to hdmi that will do 75hz no problem (so that 75hz shows in advanced display settings and i can run my second monitor at 75hz too) Thank you very much.
  13. See compatibility issue, i'm getting a premium top tier power supply that is fully modular and i'm lacking cables? wtf is this?
  14. There is supposed to be an on/off button, fucking useless feature that ruins my perfs. I see a chill hotkey thing that i can set but it don't do anything. WTF amd!
  15. they are bluetooth he says. Y50bt. I thought he told me they were wired, i edited the thread accordingly now that he confirmed they are Y50 BT
  16. He purchased bluetooth AKG Y50BT that he'd like to use, how can he set them up to use on his computer?
  17. It even shows blindspots in my games on top and bottom left even with my room lights on... and the colors seems odd on the left side of the monitor on my desktop wallpaper it shows the most. Is there a newegg reprensentative on the forum? I am planning to return this display but i selected "replacement" on their website when really i'd rather just have a full refund and i'd like to ask him how to do it. Thanks guys! Edit: sorry i forgot to add the picture. You can see only a small part in the middle is really ok, the rest is just glow/bleed
  18. Beware of the LG 29UM69G-B. This is the kind of WTF backlight bleed the one i just received had. I wonder if i should just get a refun at this point or a replacement. Are they all this shitty? Is this normal? Heck it even show in-game with the light on behind me... What would you do? Refund or replace? If you have one of these monitors, how does yours look like?
  19. Lol i just received the 29 inch LG one, and i have but one thing to say: whaaat the ffuuuuck holy backlight bleed! Yup sorry newegg but this is a refund/replacement... unsure yet... are they all frickin like this one or am i just unlucky?