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    Video games, music and game development... Not too many that I find interesting, though I think those three are. :) But maybe I just live in a movie... :/

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  1. I am now bidding on...something...(I won't say it here, because then it will get more bidders and the price will be higher)...but I am suppose to go on an 11 hours flight in 4 hours, and the bidding will be over when I am in the plane (I am too poor to get Wi-Fi in there. >_<), so that's a problem... What I did is I put the maximum I am able to pay, just like eBay intended you to do (though in this case sniping will work the best, it's just that I won't be able to do it), but I confused between 600 and 700 dollars... I want to increase my value now, but I have a concern about that... Wil
  2. Sorry if it's on the wrong forum, I wasn't sure where to put it... I am now on a vacation at the US, and I decided to get my GTX 1080 here (they cost like a 1000$ where I am >_<), but I don't know where to buy it... The two things I MUST buy here are a keyboard and a graphics card. Specifically the GTX 1080 (if the EVGA Classified will come out soon so that, but if not then Asus Strix, Zotac AMP! Extreme, Gigabyte Extreme Gaming and EVGA FTW are fine) and a Corsair K70 Rapidfire (RGB). Does anyone know good shops that can sell those in midtown Manhattan? ED
  3. I think that projector is awesome, obviously. Else why would I enter? And I already followed them... Do I have to say hello to enter, or following is enough?
  4. Ok, so I most likely won't get surround (I do still want more answers, though, by people who has experience with surround). But I do still want speakers. I bought the HyperX Cloud Revolver, which I am pretty sure doesn't have surround. I heard surround on headphones is pretty bad. Oh, wait, I just got a new comment Ok, I will get the Z333. Well, I know there is that wireless bluetooth adapter Logitech has, but I am not sure how it works. I just looked at his layout and I don't see any way it would work. Anyway, I think I will get a stereo system.
  5. I hear many great things about surround speaker system (I have one in my living room TV), and it makes me want to get it... There is only one question though: are they worth it for small computer setups? I have a pretty small room, and I am not sure which speakers to get. The two options that I am thinking about getting are the Logitech Z333, if I will choose it isn't worth it, or the Z506, if it is worth it. Currently on Amazon the difference in price are like 10$, which isn't that much, but after all I do also need to get some pipes to hide the cables, and it will take much longer to cable m
  6. So the important thing for you is the click and RGB, and not necessarily blue switches? If you are fine with speed switches, you can get the Corsair K70 Rapidfire. But it's less than your budget, that's a big concern...
  7. Hmm... You are right. But if he can get the RX 480, I think it will be a smart decision to invest the money he saved in a better motherboard.
  8. There still isn't a release date. Wait for it, if it won't come out in a month, live with those 4 SATA ports, if it will, see how good it is and choose.
  9. Yay. It sadly will take a long time... Shipping to Israel is not a fun thing, it takes way too long and the mail in Israel always delays everything way too much. I just hope to get it before the summer vacation.
  10. No, no, I didn't get 80C at stock clock, that would be fu...ricked...up. I got 60-61 C on the CPU and on the individual cores I got to high 50's and some of them sometimes jumped to 60. The 80 was because I saw a person say under it is good for stress tests. The 1.3 volts came from Paul's Hardware and Awesomesauce Network, which both said 1.3 is around the voltage you should have on that CPU.
  11. 3,3 GHz at 1.040V, the stock clock (I will only overclock when I get all of the parts). Also note that the 60-61 was on the whole CPU, but the individual cores were at high 50's, and some of them sometimes reached 60.
  12. Put distilled water again? It's an AIO, a closed loop, I can't open it (I mean, I technically can, but I will most likely ruin it, and even if I won't, R.I.P. warranty). I can replace the compound, but I first need to get the alcohol, and better quality compound (the one I have is really old, and I won't trust it for that system). I saw on the internet that under 80C is good for a stress test, is that true? I am pretty new to overclocking, and knowing the right temperature, and every person says something different so I don't know to listen to. >_<
  13. Because he might want to add an optical drive, or one day want to upgrade and add another HDD or SSD (because one TB is not really that much, he will probably upgrade in the close year or 2), and changing a motherboard isn't a fun thing to do when all you want is to add another drive. He does have some place to upgrade, but not much. What is oem? You mean custom editions? Well, we don't know... Probably the 1070, but if you can wait it will be a better idea to wait and get the 480. True, if it isn't good so you have just wasted your time, but if it's good and you bought the 1070
  14. I still think 4 SATA ports aren't enough... No, not this one. This one: Oh, wait, I just looked at the price again... If you don't care about the lack of expansion ability, your list is fine. But I still think this is wrong to cheap out on the motherboard, because this is such a main component... I would still wait to see benchmarks for the 480, because it will give you a lot of free money, and performance might compete with the 170. This is not a good idea to buy a graphics card right now unless it's a high end one such as the 1080.