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  1. What I did was: 1. Cleaned my friend list (i.e. removed anyone not that close to me, a friend of a friend, a friend in-game for the past few years, etc) 2. Unfollowed everyone of my remaining friends
  2. I don't know if that's possible, she/you can ask on the Maya forums where they could maybe salvage the corrupted file and take any meaningful data from it like a few commands that made up part of her scene so she could at least get to the earlier stages, rather than starting from scratch. Also, she can try to check her temp files for any .ma or .mb files that Maya might have made, the default directory is C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\Temp
  3. It's a cheapo mic so I'm not really surprised. Sound-wise, the Core is better.
  4. Unfortunately, as tactless as it is, it nets them views. LTT has become a full-time business where money comes first rather than principles. I personally gave up on LTT a long time ago, the only videos that I watch are the techquickies if I don't already know them. I open the WAN shows as well but I just check the topics on the description, I don't bother listening to their opinions in the video.
  5. That's what I meant, if you've seen my earlier post, I used the term "more neutral" and later just used the term neutral to distinguish the two.
  6. Oh sorry, I didn't see your earlier post that you can't try them out. The m50x is good, just make to sure to replace the pads with some brainwavz hm5 like what kokakolia said.
  7. The M40x is neutral and it usually sounds better on classical, jazz. With pop, electronics and rap, v-shaped headphones are generally preferred since there are varying highs and lows. One thing to note though is that m50x's bass, based on what I've read, is tight and not boomy. I personally haven't used the m50x so I can't say, I'm just basing on what I've read. At the end of the day, the best thing is to try your choices and pick the one you like.
  8. That's weird, I've heard the contrary about the headband, in fact, I've heard the total opposite about them and rarely (by rarely, I mean that this is the first time I've encountered this) seen people dislike them. But you may never know, so it would help if you can try one out. I think v-shape headphones (like the m50x, dt770) would serve you more on that genre.
  9. The m40x is more neutral while the m50x is more bassy. I'd recommend other headphones but you said you like bass and what I was gonna recommend were neutral ones (like the 598cs). Also, you said the dt 770 wasn't an option so that's unfortunate as well.
  10. I was also choosing between the dt770 and 598cs but ultimately ended up with the 598cs. My first choice was the dt770 as it looked incredibly comfortable and tried my best to tell myself that it was better for MY NEEDS (I capitalized it as you might misinterpret me as saying that the 598cs is better than the 770). But after going to multiple audio forums, watching tons of reviews and a bit of researching on my own (as I have no clue about headphones when I decided to purchase one), I finally accepted that the 598cs would serve me better as it seemed that based on my likes and use, neutral head
  11. The only thing I'm comfortable buying used is a locked CPU and RAM.