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  1. observe the water at 17th and 46th second in the far cry demo.
  2. Help! I have a high end pc with specs : 1080ti 8700k 16gb 2x8gb 3000mhz 500gb ssd I get texture flickering in games. I have reinstalled my drivers using DDU like 5 times already. Underclocked and overclocked my graphics card. Used stock cpu speed and stock ram speed. Here is the video showing the flickering :
  3. cpu cooler temp never goes above 55 is that normal? why such big difference in cpu temp and cooler temp?
  4. HELP My setup is 8700k @ 4.7ghz 1.320 v with max 89 on core 0 and high 80s max on other cores. I have a 280mm corsair h115i pro rgb in pull config with idle temps at high 30s to low 40s! What am I doing wrong? Did I lose the lotery? When i was seating the cooler it came off with a bit of thermalpaste still on the cpu. Is that the reason? what should i do? help!!!!! these temps are in intel extreme tuning utility stress test.
  5. Ok I will try and observe for week or 2.
  6. Yes but how is that related? I only removed the tempered glass to replug my corsair link which was loose like twice.
  7. This is not that frequent and happened like 5 times in past 10 days in 3 different games.
  8. Hi, I just built my new pc with specs : i7 8700k @ 4.5ghz on all cores corsair h115i pro rgb gtx 1080ti fe g skill ripjaws v 16gb(2x8) ddr4 3000mhz ram asrock z370 taichi samsung 860 evo 500gb ssd coolermaster v650 fully modular 80+ gold nzxt h700 windows 10 pro 64 bit So the problem here is sometimes my games crash to desktop without any error msg! I googled my problem and no matter what I tried games still crash! I thought it was my cpu so I oc to 4.5 from 4.7 and still this problem occurs. My temps seem fine. I don't know