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  1. An Intel display driver keeps trying but failing to install through windows update. It sits at 0% installing for about 30 seconds then disappears and windows tells me I'm up to date until the next time I check for updates. Driver is, My laptop is the Asus UX305CA-UHM4T Do you know of anything I can do to resolve this issue and get this driver installed? [EDIT] Turns out the driver was already installed, windows is just being weird.
  2. I'm sorry to say I don't know how to help you beyond letting you know that my Crucial P1 NVMe SSD had incredibly similar problems a few months before it died, even down to seemingly working fine in one computer but not the other. When this happened to me I got an external NVMe enclosure and just plugged it in and took it out of different computers repeatedly and found that it only worked half the time, while another NVMe worked every time. If you have a second NVMe drive I would reccomend trying that or even just seeing if your other SSD works just fine in the affected system like my second dr
  3. Had the same issue, fixed it by doing nothing for approximately 2 weeks, I seem to be good at having issues that should have never happened and fixing them in ways that should have never worked.
  4. They can be fine, but you can often find used/ refurbished IPS displays for about the same price as a cheap new TN panel. I'd say check for those in your area/ online before coming to a decision, especially if looking at a TN panel for a few minutes hurts your eyes like they do mine. EDIT: whoops, didn't notice this was from almost a month ago, but my advice stands for anyone stumbling across this in the future.
  5. Technically already solved the issue but would like to post in case someone else had this same issue or can explain what happened. Events went as such: I step away from my computer for 10 minutes to come back to a no displayport signal message on my monitor (ASUS VG27AQ). I perform the usual trouble shooting steps, plug in HDMI, can get signal through HDMI, try power cycling the monitor, DP still doesn't work. I notice while I have both HDMI and DP plugged in they're both represented in display settings but DP connection is inactive (an aside: for those that have never seen this, in the window
  6. StoreMI seems to have been causing it for whatever reason, all better now.
  7. Smart info tab says N/A, crystaldiskinfo just say 'disk not found', nothing else there. Have StoreMI installed, not using it though. I'll try uninstalling and get back to this. Couldn't find any settings related to S.M.A.R.T. at all in my BIOS.
  8. SOLUTION EDIT: It was StoreMI, don't know why. Simple problem, as the title suggests I cant access S.M.A.R.T. data using any program, i.e. crystaldiskinfo, hwinfo or disk checkup, disk checkup even tells me that S.M.A.R.T. isn't supported on my drives which I frankly doubt. My NVMe drives are also being misread as SATA drives. What could be causing this problem? My drives are: WD red plus 4TB, adata sx8200 pro, intel 600p. Picture provided for context.
  9. I recently bought a used monitor (BenQ BL2711u) that I used without issue for over a week on a displayport cable, which allows it to run at 4k 10 bit colour, 60.00Hz. I had to switch to an HDMI 2.0 cable since the DP is from another monitor that needs it back, but on HDMI it only ran 8bit colour at 59.94 Hz with no option to increase either substantially, so I assume that's the maximum bandwidth that cable will allow. After a day and a bit of using this setup without issue I noticed I could set the refresh rate to 60.00Hz, so I decided to try doing just that. In the first and only day I ran th
  10. Well now the question is how did I manage to miss that all three times I skimmed through that entire manual.
  11. Apparently there are multiple versions of the manual, the one I found on HP's website only had this: At least, that's the best of the 6 different manuals/ guides I checked on HP's own website. I later found the one you referenced on a 3rd party website, which leads me to ask: why?
  12. Screen brightness is tied to other keys (which don't work for some reason, have to change brightness through windows) and I already checked if the other button changed power plans: it didn't.
  13. The alternate functions for the f1 and f2 keys are what's tripping me up here: Seriously, I can't figure out what they do. This is an HP elitebook 810 G2 and I can't seem to find any other HP laptop with those symbols on their keyboards, not even on laptops like the 840 G2. HP's list of symbols/meanings on their website doesn't include those two and not even the user manual actually says what they're for. Pressing them doesn't seem to do anything so I really can't figure them out. Anyone know what they do?