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  1. So, I'm trying to figure out what drivers are missing because I may be having pci issues, but I can't figure out what device needs the drivers. MB is B550 AORUS Elite.
  2. Yup, just got a 3080 upgrade. Anywhere from 2x to 4x more fps depending on resolution.
  3. I just had a 980ti stopped working on me after a couple years. It happens.
  4. My computer is currently idle at 240w. (simply using chrome and downloading a game) If you have something like a chrome book, then there might be a problem. If you have something like the last gen processor or graphics card, its probably normal. While I can't say definitely, I think that high performance parts have a natural high idle power consumption.
  5. My last motherboard had a sensor stuck on 120 degrees. Wether it just started or had been under heavy load. Everting was cool to the touch.
  6. Don't know if this actually translates into computer hardware specifically, but overheating is a common cause of trying to draw to much power. So, easy thing, even if its not the cause, is to make sure everything has every power plug connected. Some devices like the motherboard may have multiple power connectors.
  7. Just a heads up, newegg has been having some deals on 2x16 gb 3600 mhz ram. I got mine for $150 about 25% off current market price. If you're interested just wait a couple days and see if a new listing pops up.
  8. I essentially have this build. I would suggest however considering a 850 watt power supply because it allows room for adding more devices latter without running into the danger zone of peak draw wattage from the 3080. Other considerations would be to replace the 1 TB SSD with a 500 gb gen 3 m.2 I would prioritize the m.2 first so you could get your OS on the m.2 and add a sata ssd latter.
  9. I've only had a 5600X for two days, so its still to soon for me to recommend from personal experience. I'll lets someone else with more personal experince give feedback. There is significant improvement over my old 5820k on boot up time. Wether that is because of the CPU or that I don't have any programs auto starting on windows starting, or because I made my m.2 my boot drive... I don't know. Again, over my old (but still very good) Intel 5820k, tests have shown that there is a real world performance increase from 18-25%.
  10. I just replace my AOI cooler when I switched back to AMD (partly because it wasn't any longer compatible) and partly because the fans went bad. Mileage may very, but you may want to make sure you have good fans that won't make tons of noise in 2 years.
  11. Maybe okay if you're into collecting retro hardware like people that collect the original Mac, Otherwise, no, not a good idea to buy a 10 gb hdd.
  12. Dude seems to be is the only full time worker and his father is the owner. Dude seems to do a good job. Refurbishes computers and offers them at discounted prices to a poor community. Dude offered me a 780 for $80 when my 980 died of old age.(A steal in the current COVID market, IMO) Even offered to lend me the the shop's 3090 during the RMA process, but I declined the offer and reinstalled the 780. I just spent the last 40 hours working and was very aggravated. I don't mean any ill will to him, that is why I don't mention the store name, he made some bad decisions, bu
  13. Honestly don't know if he used the Y-connector before the issue, I wasn't really watching closely. I do remember hi taking considerable effort routing a second 8 pin connector through the case and connecting the y connector after I asked him.
  14. Originally he only connected one 8 pin connector. I was assuming at that point he was doing everything right. Then the issues started. I asked him if he connected both power connectors to the card. He said it shouldn't be a problem if you're not overclocking it..... Honestly, sounded like a BS statement. Pretty sure 3080 draws allot of power even if its not overclocked. It wasn't under any serious graphics load at any time. So there is that. After I raised that question, he added a second 8 pin with some weird Y-shaped adapter that I have never seen before. *shrug*