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  1. Tried everything that was recommended and with no results. What I did that seemed to fix the issue is the following: *In advanced power options disabled: USB selective suspend setting. *In "Choose what the power buttons do" disabled "turn on fast startup". *In my bios enabled: EuP 2013. Doing a few shutdowns.The PC turns off within a matter of seconds rather than minutes. Thanks guys for all the recommendations.
  2. When I am on it it happens to me almost every time. Takes longer to shutdown . When my fiance is done playing on the PC she states that it doesn't happen to her. I am assuming that it is happening to her. Never the less I will give your recommendation a shot. Worst case scenario I do a reset and start from there. Thanks man I keep you guys posted.
  3. From less than 10 seconds to a minute sometimes 2. I will try what your recommendation later today after work. I will keep you posted. If that fails do you think that a reset of windows will do the trick or at least help?
  4. Hey guys, CPU: i7 7700K GPU: GTX 1070 PSU: 850 Watts Gold RAM: 8GB SSD: 550GB OS: Windows 10 Home edition I been having an ongoing issues with my PC where sometimes doing the shutdown process. My keyboard, mouse, Fans, and PC take longer than normal to shutdown. I have done the following: running CHKDSK, Disk Clean up, uninstalled unneeded software, disabled alot of startup programs, and deleted temp files. I don't know if a USB device is keeping my pc from shutting down properly. I was wondering also if just doing a reset of window
  5. Virtual box from oracle, Free and easy to setup.
  6. You should be good running viruses in the VM. As long as you run them and install them from the VM you will be okay. Back up your machine just to be safe.
  7. Sorry I was in Vaca mode for the holidays. Sorry to hear that the issue is back. I did look into it a little more and found the following on Microsoft answers. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/display-colors-change-after-installing-fall/8a235d25-5aaa-4122-8180-4b12efc8a9eb?auth=1 Sounds like rolling back the update and looking for the update again should fix the issue.
  8. I know this is not the actual 1709 update. Give this a shot. https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1003026/geforce-drivers/psa-windows-1703-creators-update-breaks-colour-profiles-with-nvidia-gpus-icc-and-nvidia-/ It worked for me to disable the following option:Home -> Gaming -> Game Bar -> "Show Game Bar when I play full screen games Microsoft has verified"
  9. I am guessing you tried doing the same for your monitors? I ran into an issue where my monitors were in some weird color scheme after updating my driver. I had to uninstall drivers for both GPU and monitors. I think the reinstall of the monitor drivers did the trick for me. I would try unplugging the display cables and plugging them back in and see if that does anything.
  10. After the uninstall of the drivers and re-install? Or you have tried this already and ran into the issue of not being able to open games after doing so?
  11. I would try using DDU and uninstall the graphics card driver and do re-install. restart and test it again.
  12. What are you running for your Graphics card?
  13. Just do a search for default programs in the search windows bar and from there choose default apps by file types.
  14. What model is your motherboard. I ran into an issue with my build with a MSI mother board that had some sort of slow mode activated. Which was capping my frames and CPU freq.
  15. If you have a different anti-virus. Just turn defender off.
  16. If you look at the market trend for prices of RAM. There at a increased and show no signs of slowing down. I would guess once the boom of the crypto-currency is over prices should come back to normal, but we will not see that for a long time. I was also shocked when I was looking into a getting another 8gb stick of ram and the price is x3 higher.
  17. cloud9 is a web based IED. I use it all of the time for classes and at work when I have free time to work on some projects. https://c9.io
  18. So does the case statements have an order that there executed or are they executed the moment that there is a match of the case. I get that case "firstPage": include_once("Views/firstPage.php"); break; Makes it show the firstPage.php when the action which is the name of the variable and firstPage which is what is assigned to that variable (action). Short version:I don't see the action firstPage being declared anywhere other than here: $_REQUEST['action'] = (isset($_REQUEST['action']) ?$_REQUEST['action'] : "firstPage"); Which is in the Index.php: I
  19. I will be back at it again tomorrow. I have to get ready for bed for work. Thanks for the help. LyyK Appreciate it man.
  20. So this is what I did to get the firstpage to show up. Index.php: <?php include("Models/utilities.php"); include("Models/connectSalesRepDataBase.php"); //if( isset($_REQUEST['action']) ) switch( $_REQUEST['action']) $action = (isset($_REQUEST['action'])) ? $_REQUEST['action'] : "firstPage"; switch(true) { case "firstPage": include("Views/firstPage.php"); break; /* case "firstPageResults": include("Views/salesRepInfo.php"); break; */ default: echo "Action $action is not recognized"; break; } ?>
  21. Here is the css file my bad. restaurant.css
  22. This is what I am working on so far. week6 (8).zip