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  1. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to HKZeroFive in i5 6500 OR FX 8320E ?   
    Easily the i5 6500. The IPC and single core performance is superior to that of the 8320E, which makes it a much better choice for gaming. Also has a better upgrade path (whereas AM3+ is a dead socket) + DDR4 RAM.
  2. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to handymanshandle in i5 6500 OR FX 8320E ?   
    9 out of 10 times, would recommend any recent i5 (Haswell or newer) over FX CPU. 
  3. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to i_build_nanosuits in i5 6500 OR FX 8320E ?   
    ^^ same here
    i vote i5-6500 all the way for a gaming rig.
  4. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to not_Linus in i5 6500 OR FX 8320E ?   
    I would say go wit the i5. The 1151 socket will last you longer as the am3 socket is at the end of its life as far as getting a new cpu. 
  5. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to NinjaJc01 in Performance difference: FX-8320 vs 8320E   
    It's basically a lower clocked version of the same chip. The E is no more or less efficient, and if overclocked to the same frequency, should have the same TDP.
  6. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to NinjaJc01 in Performance difference: FX-8320 vs 8320E   
    The 8320 would be better, but the 8350 would be best.
  7. Like
    dreamhacking reacted to TheRandomness in Galax Graphics card Brand?   
    I haven't heard anything bad about them. They're the ones who make the HOF edition cards, which tend to be amazing.
  8. Like
    dreamhacking reacted to Nacho Marco Segui in Galax Graphics card Brand?   
    Yes, it is good
  9. Like
    dreamhacking reacted to Samppa221 in Galax Graphics card Brand?   
    Galax is one of the not that well known brands like PNY etc.
    But they make the HOF (=Hall Of Fame) cards so they are a decent company. 
  10. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Laputacake in Galax Graphics card Brand?   
    Galax aka Galaxy in the US and KFA2 over in europe. 
  11. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to EPPHO in Worth Buying?   
    Few days ago he posted same pictures and told us he actually bought it and now he posts this shit again asking is it worth buying. No comment
  12. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to derick90 in Worth Buying?   
    I don't think he expected us to know about google translate. 
  13. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to JakeNTech in Problem of Lenovo Laptop   
    If it is taking along time to load make sure as well that you don't have too many start up programs too. The only ones I recommend having are drivers and your security program as stuff like drop box can be started when you need to use it as its unlikely that you would use that all the time. If when you turn the laptop on you just see a splash screen, like the dell logo etc, try pressing tab to see what is going on in the post screen, note: it might not be tab but another key look up you model to find out. to enter the bios it is normally delete or f12 or it may say on the boot screen.
  14. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to paps511 in RAM question 8GB or 16GB   
    8 will be sufficient for now, but more and more games are "recommending" 16gb
    I'd say go with 16 for any new build, but keep what you have if you only have 8
  15. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Skiiwee29 in RAM question 8GB or 16GB   
    Go with 16gb, Just for me personally sitting at my desktop I am at about 2.5gb and when I would go play Elder Scrolls Online, I would push up there 6-6.5gb, so not alot of overhead. 
  16. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to daniielrp in RAM question 8GB or 16GB   
    Agree with above, 8GB will do, but when I play some games I do reach near 8GB used so I'm glad to have the extra overhead. 
  17. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to SirFluff96 in RAM question 8GB or 16GB   
    I always go with 16 or more for pretty much any build i do just to be sure it will have enough. Especially if you use chrome with a lot of tabs like me.
  18. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to SeanAngelo in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    first one
  19. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to johnadams123412 in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    Pretty sure 1st, but want to here more opinions. 
  20. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to RxL in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    first option by a country mile
  21. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to SpiderMan in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    First option, as Intel processors are more efficient/performance compared to the current AMD FX processors. Maybe Zen will change that.
  22. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to kirashi in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    While I want to lean towards the first one too, I couldn't help but notice the lack of any proof or sources behind everyone's opinions, including mine, so I present to you my findings and research on both CPU's and Video Cards you're looking into getting.
    *keep in mind these numbers are purely synthetic and do not represent real world situations depending on your particular workload and use case

    For the money, I'd recommend the GTX 960, as from what I read all over the internet, the GTX 980 is a much better upgrade from the 960.
    But if budget is set and you're trying to stick with your comparison, I'd go with the AMD/GTX970 any day, and here's why:
    Despite the bias toward Intel (due to their superior marketing budget), AMD's FX-6300 and FX-8000 series chips perform better than Intels offerings, dollar for dollar. So save some money on the AMD CPU and get the better GTX 970 if that fits your budget, otherwise see if you can save for a 980, or a 1070 card. 
    While I await flogging for my comment, I can attest to this from building a system running an FX-6300 CPU in 2014, which is still not maxing out the CPU when running games like Rust. The friends I built it for are currently being bottlenecked by a GTX 750 Ti, which would need upgrading long before they'd reach full capacity of their CPU, and it's not even overclocked yet.
  23. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to ALazyMeme in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    1. Will give you great single core performance and slightly more fps
    2. But this one will give you more cores(/threads), but it will still be better.
    Also, maybe swap out the 970 for a 390
    Overall: I would recommend the second one. This is because it will simply provide more fps than the first one and along with that you have more cores(/threads) in case you want to record.
  24. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to SageOfSpice in Which combo is better for straight gaming purpose?   
    This is why I'm partial to the 4670k.
    Combine this with the RX480, and you'll crush that FX with the 970.
    Going with the Intel is just a smarter move, it's going to perform much better overall.
  25. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Morgan MLGman in AMD FX 8320E vs 8320 vs 8350   
    All of those are the same, just different clock speeds and voltages. Though theoretically the 8350 should OC best.