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    dreamhacking reacted to Shoob in Gtx 780 it or r9 290x   
    Buy a new RX 470 instead of those hot reference potatoes!
  2. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Katsunaka in 2 GTX 980 tis or 2 1080s   
    Video editing doesnt use the sli. The 980ti is still a very capable card. 
    Jumping to a 1080 is at a minimum going to cost 300 usd. If new 980tis are selling for around 400. A used one would be roughly 300. 
    Doom doesnt use sli atm either. I own Doom but beyond the story mode I havent played anything else. 
    Stick with your 980ti and buy another. The 980ti sli will hold out until next gen 11xx carda will be released.
    Im an owner of sli Strix 1080s. Its i bought them and have really yet to stress that second card yet. 
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    dreamhacking reacted to App4that in 2 GTX 980 tis or 2 1080s   
    The Titan XP costs at least 100bucks less than 1080s in SLI while not having to worry about SLI support.
    The Titan XP is cheaper and performs better. That's why I'm getting one.
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    dreamhacking got a reaction from App4that in 2 GTX 980 tis or 2 1080s   
    if you have the ability to do so, and comfortable to upgrade.
    if i am in your situation, i will sell the 980Ti, get a single GTX 1080. Enjoy the performance upgrade from that already. Then wait until one GTX 1080 is not enough and get another to SLI
    Latest and greatest is always good when you are able to afford that
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    dreamhacking reacted to Limecat86 in GTX 1060 or GTX 970   
    You mean the 1060 right?
  6. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to karix in GTX 1060 or GTX 970   
    Get the 1060... its faster than the 970, or save for the 1070... 
  7. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to crysilis in GTX 480   
    so i have a friend that i want to prank by giving him a gtx 480 and overclocking it until it fries his entire system or burns it
    should i?
    and yes i am a sadist so i will enjoy every single moment of horror on his face
    also hes kinda a dick
    Edit;  everyones so pissed off at me right now
    but its kinda just a theoretical thing (ie: i actually need to save up money for myself )
    as  im still living off an A8 6500 
    second edit: im so proud to have caused such controversy chill the fuck out
    im not that much of a dick
    i was just pondering on the idea for now
    not yet don't worry 
    third edit; to anyone still reading this ive given up on replying and reading all comments
    this was just some idea
    it kinda sucks getting hate from so many people
    so ive unfollowed this post so i dont get stupid notifications and
    comments just saying
  8. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to manikyath in GTX 480   
    that's the most sensible thing you said all week.
  9. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to Dackzy in Is the 1080 FE worth it?   
    then accept the challenge  
  10. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to CostcoSamples in Planning a build for my mom   
    If it's going to sit in the dining room, perhaps a mini ITX case would be best?  A large tower would really be in the way.  Perhaps even a all-in-one PC.  or an Intel NUC, or even just an Intel Compute Stick plugged into a tv, mounted on the wall.
  11. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Zyndo in Planning a build for my mom   
    Build looks fine. I don't know about AMD CPU's all that much, but her needs are quite basic so pretty much anything from the last 10 years would be fine.

    I would recommend getting this case though. Super cheap, looks pretty sleek, and has all the features you could want on a case. comes in white or black, and windowed or non windowed.
  12. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to CostcoSamples in Planning a build for my mom   
    As much as you fell like you need to build your mom a computer, think about how impractical that would be.  She just wants to do skype, email, web surfing, video streaming.  You can do that with a very low power computer.  She is not going to get any benefit from an over powered desktop, and could save hundreds by simply plugging an Intel compute stick into the back of a TV, or at most, a mini PC like the Intel NUC, which can also mount on the wall beside or behind a TV or monitor.
  13. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to LordMastodon in Planning a build for my mom   
    Oh, that makes a lot more sense. You could literally accomplish all of those things with processing power to spare by buying an Intel Compute Stick and using the leftover money to buy her some nice peripherals. As much as you really want to build a computer (I know, what better opportunity to practice on, right?), you really don't need to, and I mean really don't need to. If you really don't want a Compute Stick for whatever reason, buy a tablet. If you really don't want a tablet for whatever reason, buy a Chromebook. If you really don't want either of those things, buy her a cheap Dell or Lenovo SKU (known for their high quality). But for those needs, you do not need to custom build. If she wrote books on this computer, if she did graphic design on this computer, I would say you could probably find a reason to custom build. But she isn't doing any of those things, she's looking at websites and Skyping people. In fact, that's literally what Chromebooks were invented for. Here is a version of Skype you can actually use online. There. Based on what you've told me earlier in this thread, I just completely nullified any need you might have for something other than a Chromebook. 
  14. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to LordMastodon in Planning a build for my mom   
    Discounting ALL that, a custom-built PC is also more of a headache for you. If your mom's iPad Air fails, she can call Apple. If her Dell Chromebook fails, she can call Dell. If her Intel Compute Stick fails, she can call Intel. If your mom's custom-built PC fails, she can call you. And you have to go over there and swap out some RAM or format an SSD, all while kicking yourself for not saving money and buying her something that's not even two times the size of a normal USB stick (Compute Stick).
  15. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to LordMastodon in Planning a build for my mom   
    She will probably call you first no matter what, but you will at least have peace of mind that if you can't solve it, someone else can (and by that I mean the OEM), and even if it's something rather serious, you can probably listen to her story on the phone and then just call the OEM and you don't even have to go over there. If you custom build, it means you will probably have to go over there for 99% of problems, and if you can't fix it, there's really no guarantee that anyone will be able to besides you literally replacing every single affected component. You could take it to a local repair shop, but I actually work at one of those and we don't even really accept custom-builts, mostly because we know that a lot of people probably don't understand what it entails. They will drive their children to Best Buy, tell them to pick out the components, drive back home and let their children assemble it. If and when something goes wrong, they will most likely blame the OEM of the faulty component first and then blame Best Buy for selling them a faulty component. Then, when they bring the computer to us and we realize that the kid shorted out his GTX 1070 by putting it into the RAM slot (I'm not actually sure if that would short out a graphics card, and we haven't actually gotten anyone who did that, but just an example) and we tell them, "Listen, your kid is a dumbass and you're a dumbass for letting him build a $1200 PC without parental supervision. They put "Some assembly required" on boxes for a reason," they tell us that their kids are actually boy geniuses and they get Bs in Science and that we're actually the incompetent ones and we couldn't even tell them how to fix a simple computer problem like the house burning down every time they turn on the PC (damnit, Harold, that's the third time!), and then they leave negative reviews and lie about every second of their experience.
    After that long-winded and oddly specific story (which most of the details of which were literally invented while writing this story), hopefully you understand that most repair shops probably won't accept a custom-built. I think in the 5 years of my shop being around, we've accepted two custom-builts, and the second one brought us a server with a GTX 550 running Linux who wanted us to install a USB hub PCIe add-in card.
    Damn that was a long post.
  16. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to onlybuilt4cubanxlinx in Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler   
    I have push/pull on my H55 so I don't see why not.
  17. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler   
    The H60 supports 2 fans in a push pull configuration. The only issue you will run into is that it'll be a pain when it comes time to dust out the radiator because you'll have a fan in the way.
  18. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Yatys 93 in Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler   
    I will say you will need to buy the extra screws  only comes with 4
  19. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to iiNNeX in Can the Corsair 350D fit with a H110i GT (280mm RAD)   
    Fan Mount Locations:
    Front: (x2) 120/140mm 
    Top: (x2) 120/140mm 
    Rear: (x1) 120mm
    Yes it will fit
  20. Like
    dreamhacking reacted to Katsunaka in Titan X (Pascal) Opinion Poll   
    I'm content with my 1080 SLI. 
    I've never bought a Titan because I see them more for professional use than swinging an epeen around saying I got 12 gigs of VRAM.
    Titans are the step between consumer grade gpus and professional grade gpus. Some professionals will buy them for their deep learning use. Consumers will buy them to say I got 100k in this PC case.
  21. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to don_svetlio in Why does the GTX 970 performs worse than previous GTX 750 Ti?   
    Probably Nvidia's shit drivers. Use DDU and install 361.75

    Could also be a faulty PSU or board.
  22. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to SeanAngelo in Why does the GTX 970 performs worse than previous GTX 750 Ti?   
    reinstall nvidia drivers
  23. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to App4that in Why does the GTX 970 performs worse than previous GTX 750 Ti?   
    Manually instal the driver from Nvidia's website, don't use the GeForce Experience. And use the latest drivers, don't listen to salty people who don't use the drivers. 
  24. Like
    dreamhacking reacted to byalexandr in What can I do with a dead video card?   
    Use it as a drink coaster. Like Tek Syndicate.
  25. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to TheRandomness in Corsair H60 enough?   
    A dual tower cooler like the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 or NH-D15 would perform better whilst being quieter