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    dreamhacking got a reaction from Thorimus in Onboard graphics beat 1060?   
    True that ... lol 
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    dreamhacking reacted to HrutkayMods in EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW, still worth it?   
    1070 uses much less power... but they perform similarly so yes it could be worth it, I'd try to haggle the 980 TI's price down some if you can though
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    dreamhacking reacted to Ithanul in EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW, still worth it?   
    ^ Agree with above.
    You can probably get the price down a bit.  But OC a 980Ti and it still a great card.
    I don't game with mine much, but they still do their job well.  They even keep up or even better than a 1070 at folding depending on WUs.
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    dreamhacking reacted to TidaLWaveZ in EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW, still worth it?   
    Tell the seller you'd pay $400 if it was new, but since it's used you'll pay $350!
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    dreamhacking got a reaction from TidaLWaveZ in EVGA GTX 980 Ti FTW, still worth it?   
    Will try my best to get it for $350  
    haha, thanks guys
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    dreamhacking got a reaction from RollinLower in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    fair enough, the 290X is already equip with 4GB, so if you have vram issues, the 3GB has no reason to be released lol 
  7. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to racer243l in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    Yes, your first point is correct. But 6GB isn´t overkill. Games these days consume more then 4GB at 1080p. That will increase in the future. The 3GB one is targeted at casual gamers who play CS:GO, Dota 2 or LoL.
    I would get the 6GB version if you plan on playing AAA-titles.
  8. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to BuckGup in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    Depends on the game like Overwatch at max settings in 4K uses maybe 2gb of Vram. GTA V at 1080p used like 5.5gb
  9. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to TheRandomness in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    4GB is the minimum for 1080p nowadays. 6GB is welcome and as done one said, Nvidia slightly cut down the 1060 core for the 3GB version, making it a 1050Ti. 
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    dreamhacking reacted to xAcid9 in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    GTA:V never choke my 290x VRAM even at 4x MSAA@1080p.
    Most of DX11 games, from what i've seen so far DX12/Vulkan/Mantle generally use more VRAM so 2GB won't cut it and probably 3GB as well. We've seen that in Doom and Hitman.
    Definitely get the 6GB if price different is not big, like $30-$50 big.
  11. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to typographie in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    I assume Nvidia is pushing the 1060 3 GB version as their card intended for gaming at 1080p and high framerates in low-demand, highly popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Blizzard games, CS:GO, etc. If you're that type of gamer, it might be well-suited to you. Otherwise I'd get the 6 GB version.
    It's also worth noting that the memory size isn't the only difference. The 3 GB GTX 1060 is actually a cut-down version of the chip, so the price does buy you something more than just VRAM. The 6 GB version will probably be a bit faster regardless.
  12. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Darkseth in GTX 1060 ... 3GB & 6GB   
    GTX 1060 ( and RX 470/480) are ideal 1080p Cards. Many games in 1440p too, but with limits (the higher the resolution, the more the Memory Bandwidth will bottleneck).
    The 3gb Version is.... "ooooookay" for Today 1080p. But it's far from Future proof, and in fact, 3gb is not enough for the Performance. The Vram size will bottleneck in certain Games already.
    For most games 2gb will be enough? Yes, if it's 2012. That was the case for my 4 year odl AMD 7870 2gb.
    But today? Lets take Assassin's Creed Unity. 2 Year odl game. 1080p, Everything maxed out (only AA is down to FXAA). Vram consumption goes up to 3300 mb. So the 3gb model will be BARELY enough to run that).
    When i go up to TXAA (which gets my GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X 6gb) down to around 43 fps~, Vram consumption shoots up to 4700-5000 mb. (usage... How much truly is needed is a different thing).
    Witcher 3 is known to be very efficient on Vram, despite the good Graphics. But in 1080p and high/ultra settings, it's mostly between 3000-3500~ mb Vram.
    2gb are almost unusable now. Just check some RX 460 tests, since that's available in 2 and 4gb Ram. There are games, where you get a Huge fps boost, because 2gb are NOT enough. On some games, the 4gb model get's 60 fps, while the 2gb model sits at 33 fps~. And an GTZX 1060 has more than double the Performance (2.5x Performance maybe even).
    4gb would be good. But that's not really possible with 192 Bit memory interface
    That's why the 1060 has 6gb ram, and not 4 or 8.
    Every 256 Bit GPU has either 2 gb, 4gb or 8gb ^^
    Titan X has 386 Bit, and 12gb Vram. Both is exactly doubled from 192 bit, and 6gb Vram.
    In the end, i would go for:
    - Need to be cheap? RX 470 4gb (or 8gb, if it's like at least 30-50 bucks cheaper than a good GTX 1060 6gb model).
    - Not that cheap? go for 1060, or RX 480 if you have a Freesync monitor, or if you want to use the card at least 4 full Years (since in 2 years or so (+- 1 year) the RX 480 might catch up due to better Driver Optimization and maybe better DX 12 optimization.
    I personally had the 7870 4 years, and went with Nvidia. Wanted to get the EVGA SC originally, but wasnt available anywhere so.... i bite in the sour apple, and Payd 329 for the GTX 1060 MSI Gaming X 6G.
    I don't regret it. This Card is a BEAST.
    I never saw more than 66°C~ even with 27° Room temperature. Both Fans only went up to around 1000 rpm, which is not hearable for me (i have a Thermalright Macho HR 02, that speds up to 600 rpm only under load, and a Fractal Design R5 with Case fans set to max 650-700 rpm~), so a pretty quiet system.
    My previous 279€ GTX 1060 Palit DUAL had 75-77°C under the same Conditions, and a Fan speed or 1900-2000 rpm.
    And most Tests confirm this. The MSI Gaming is the best Custom design for the GTX 1060 on the Market. But it's a bit more pricy..
    The RX 480 MSI Gaming X is also one of the 2 best RX 480 custom designs (other one beeing Powercolor Red Devil!), but it's still a few Decibels louder than the GTX 1060, and a few % slower.
    Techpowerup had both MSI Gaming models in Test, so you can compare them very good in their game benchmarks.
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    dreamhacking reacted to Krzych in PC won't boot with dual channel (Z97 4690K)   
    You didn't even read my post.
  14. Agree
    dreamhacking reacted to Krzych in PC won't boot with dual channel (Z97 4690K)   
    You also didn't read my post. I said that I tried both standalone and they are both working if in single channel. I also linked the RAM stick, those are dual stick 2x4GB, identical sticks, they were working together before.
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    dreamhacking got a reaction from Krzych in PC won't boot with dual channel (Z97 4690K)   
    Best of luck man. 
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    dreamhacking reacted to Krzych in PC won't boot with dual channel (Z97 4690K)   
    No luck needed here because I bought this mobo 12 days ago, and here in Poland you can return anything within 14 days without saying why, so I will easily get a refund and get new mobo. But thanks anyway  
  17. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to Krzych in PC won't boot with dual channel (Z97 4690K)   
    Its just general European Union regulation law for every member country. Everything bought on European Union territory has such policy. 
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    dreamhacking reacted to Terobich in Do you really need an SSD for gaming?   
    Thanks to all, I think i'm buying it.  
  19. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to Sakkura in What does the DT means from the new EVGA GPU   
    Divine Turnip! Vote with your wallet.
    (or Donald Trump, then definitely do not vote)
  20. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to theninja35 in What does the DT means from the new EVGA GPU   
    Not really, but it doesn't look like it comes overclocked like the non-DT version. I'm not sure if the user can overclock it, either.
  21. Funny
    dreamhacking reacted to Imakuni in What does the DT means from the new EVGA GPU   
    Don't Take, for you can get the SC / regular for cheaper (and the enhanced FTW PCB ain't worth it).
    It's just the FTW edition, but without the factory OC applied to it.
  22. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to App4that in What does the DT means from the new EVGA GPU   
    It's just a lower overclock from the factory, like the REF versions of Maxwell.
    Other than the packaging and not having FTW in red on the card it's exactly the same. You save the difference in purchase price. 
  23. Informative
    dreamhacking reacted to GarnetDevil in What does the DT means from the new EVGA GPU   
    Virgin version (I guess because EVGA doesn't allow us to forcefully reveal its internal part (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
    For those who didn't get this, google " DT in japanese (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "
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    dreamhacking reacted to Enderman in will a 2700k bottleneck a 1070?   
    Uh, no,

    If it was a real bottleneck then the 1070 would perform the same as a 1060 which would perform the same as something even worse.
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    dreamhacking reacted to App4that in Gtx 780 it or r9 290x   
    Even more reason to avoid both.