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  1. if usage is not optimized to 100%, what are the reasons holding it back? Thanks
  2. I just got this GTX 760 Hawk installed on my computer, and it perform worst than my Asus GTX 560 Ti ... I get lower FPS in all games. I have video output plugged on the video card slot, have nvidia driver up to date. This card requires 2x 8pin and I have enough power supporting it. Not sure why it is still underperforming, please help. https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/N760-HAWK.html#hero-overview System Specs: Intel i7-860 12GB DDR3 1333mhz 500GB 7200RPM HDD Corsair CX750 PSU Thanks
  3. Thanks for the input, trying to keep 500W to power a GTX 670
  4. Corsair CX500 or EVGA 500B, Which one is more reliable in your opinion? Both are at the same cost. Thanks
  5. Intel Pentium G3258 AsRock Z97 Anniversay mobo Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 CPU cooler RipjawsX 2x4GB 1600mhz Intel 520 Series 180GB SSD WD Black 750GB HDD Asus GTX 670 or EVGA GTX 760 video card (still deciding which one, but they both do recommend a minimum of 500W PSU) Considering Antec VP-450 PSU, it will be great if I can slightly overclock the CPU with this PSU as well. Thanks
  6. definitely wait for boxing day.
  7. already have cpu and mobo, just looking to upgrade the GPU to R9 390 8GB
  8. Will the i7-950 bottlenecks a R9 390 8GB? Planning to play Battlefield 1 and Titan Fall 2 Thanks
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I am using the HD5450 for the HDMI port lol ... the AsRock mobo is too low end that it does not has a HDMI port.
  10. but the mouse only lags when i was downloading software, otherwise it is smooth.
  11. Finished building a budget system yesterday, with an Intel Pentium G4400 A little bit of disappointment, when I was downloading software like Google Chrome, Skype, and Microsoft Office. The mouse was lagging so much that I cannot navigate smoothly. However, it has no problem when it was not downloading things. I checked CPU Utilization, sometimes it has spikes up to 100% on the CPU I am using Logitech MK270 Wireless mouse and keyboard, I checked with Device Manager and made sure the software for the mouse is the MOST updated one. Not too sure what causes the laggin
  12. Just like they did for GTX 970 and 980 Ti Golden Edition ... Any leaks from saying msi will be doing the same for GTX 10 series? Thanks
  13. hahaha 22" looks really cute lol thanks.
  14. Hello, I am wondering what is the smallest size of curved screen monitor on the market now. I want to go triple curved monitor setup. and smallest is 27"? Thanks
  15. i am using an EVGA 850 G2, very solid PSU if you really want a 850W, look for the G2/G3 like others recommended
  16. Do you think a A8-7600 will be perfect fit then? (4 cores, and R7 integrated graphics) $50 CAD cheaper than an i3-6100
  17. Do i really need an i3 or A8 for those daily usage?
  18. Purpose: Daily use, checking emails, YouTube, Netflix, Skype, Microsoft Offices These 2 CPUs are about the same price. I just want to know which one is a better choice. 1. A6-7400K APU 2. Intel G3258 with Integrated Graphics I do not plan to get a dedicated GPU, I will be using the graphics power from CPU. I want a CPU that is reliable and won't die on me in the next 3 years at least. Thank you
  19. Worked like a champ after driver installation Thank you sir
  20. Thank you for the link. I will update again if it solves the problem. yes indeed on the mobo box it says Killer Ethernet ... lol that's why i am confused when the Bigfoot Lan driver is not working.