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  1. Yeah I do have a dual bios card, it still persists during on the other one. I will look into flashing it
  2. How would I go about the "checksum"? I just saved the bios.
  3. I am not able to change the power sliders, as I stated. this is the FTW3 card that has a factory OC, but I think the card is running at the reference base clock iirc
  4. I'll uninstall EVGA X1 & try it then but I do not think that the X1 software is the issue Hey Windows defender get off my case! I have my own AV!
  5. Hello! I am having an issue with my GPU, 1080 Ti FTW 3, When I try to change anything up or down, the entire system locks up & I have to reset it to be able to use it again. The only thing I can change is the fan speed & the LED's. (not the G/P/M ones, those also lock up the system) I noticed that the clocks will not go above "1569MHz", Mem clock is stuck at 5508MHz & the voltage seems to be stuck at 0.800Mv. I have attempted to fix the issue on my own. I have done a fresh driver install using DDU, safemode, reseating the GPU, different 8-pin VGA cables. But I am not at a loss. T
  6. So, my 1080Ti is running at base clock & not boosting at all, when I try to increase the clock,mem, voltage, temp limit, or the power limit, in EVGA or MSI afterburner, the entire system crashes & results it me having to do a hard reset. I've attached MSI afterburner monitor to show that it has the head room to boost, but won't. I have the card on water. The card performs just fine, minus a few FPS from the decrease in the clock lol Any ideas?
  7. That's good to hear! Sounds like there's both options to go for, depending on your use case. Definitely better than intel essentially having a monopoly when it came to CPU's. It also does sound like Nvidia does have some competition. Do you think the price of the 5700xt caused Nvidia to lower the price of the flagships?
  8. A bike? lol so it looks like AMD is giving intel a run for their money
  9. Hello! It's been a minute since I've kept up with all the new fancy components. Last time I really kept up was back when Zen(1) was being released, has AMD refined their process to overpower intel or does Intel still reign king? I've heard things that Intel no longer holds the crown for gaming when it comes to raw performance. Does nVidia still hold the crown? Is Intel optane still around? Update me!
  10. EVGA will most likely not support the ram. Trident Z Should have their own software to control the RGB