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  1. interesting, my experience with Samsung's warranty on the S20+ was them telling me 'because I opened it the warranty is void and I needed to pay for the repair' even though it was under warranty...
  2. I replaced an S20+ 5G's display (with embedded fingerprint sensor) and didn't have any issues, though I don't know what security patch it was on. Edit: There are forum posts about other A series (I saw A50 and A70 at least) having similar issues so it's very possible it happens on S series devices as well on the latest security patches
  3. Summary tl:dw After swapping genuine Samsung parts between 2 Galaxy A51s the fingerprint sensor fails to read and doesn't allow you to enroll new fingerprints while displaying a message about how the sensor 'needs calibration' (there is no way for someone outside of a Samsung service center to calibrate it themselves afaik.) This only started happening after a security patch update (September) meaning it's most likely either a bug or some form of software limitation rather than a hardware incompatibility. After downgrading one of the phones with a replacement scre
  4. I prefer stock android because from my use of it, it just feels way snappier and has many more customizations like themes (from Swift/Substratum etc) and custom roms add their own interesting and useful features like partial screenshots/date in the status bar clock/lack of bloatware/etc. OneUI can do just about all of these either natively or with tools like FireFDS though so that's why I've been using it for now. I also like Google's app design compared to Samsung because Samsung doesn't let you shrink the display scaling small enough for my liking and if you do it's basically useless. Here
  5. Idk yet, it's not that I won't use Samsung because they removed these features, it's more that I only used Samsung because they had these/similar features. I vastly prefer the 'stock' android experience on something like a Pixel or Oneplus device but Samsung used to have so many more or just better features compared to other devices that I tolerated the not great software (and lack of support for updates). I chose my Note9 over a long list of other devices because it had almost everything I was interested in, OLED display, large battery, support for all the LTE bands, Wireless charging, wate
  6. Yeah, as Samsung releases more and more devices it just makes my Note9 look better and better sadly. IMO Samsung went from the best hardware (with pretty bad software) to now just mediocre hardware and mediocre software. Probably leaving Samsung once my Note9 needs to be replaced.
  7. can you enter fastboot commands while on that screen? that is the screen I was talking about right before the fastboot commands.
  8. Install ADB (if not already done) Download TWRP for your device (should be an .img file) enable ADB (in developer settings) on your nexus 9 open a CMD window and run adb reboot bootloader your phone/tablet should ask you approve the ADB connection, you might need to run it again after that prompt. it should reboot to something like this: now go ahead and run fastboot oem unlock and then run (might reboot in between) (replace TWRP.img with the actual path/name of the TWRP image file you downloaded) fastboot flash recovery twrp.img you should then be able
  9. The latest WAN show talked about the rumours from TechpowerUP and noticed that these numbers might not be as far off as even I thought. Though TechpowerUP does have higher performance than these estimates. Also to touch on Linus's quote: "it could even get to the point, in fact it probably will, where you could have like a chonkier laptop design with an RTX 3070 MAX-P that will be more performant than a thin laptop with a 3080 MAX-Q even though the thick one is cheaper." this has already pretty much happened, the difference between a 2080 Super Max-Q and a 2070 Super Max-Q is
  10. I believe Google's Family Link can do this, though it's targeted more for restricting a child's device.
  11. from my very limited testing I couldn't get more than 4 displays (on an RTX 2080S) with MST hubs, so I would assume if it's limited to 2 displays you probably won't be able to get more with an MST hub (though maybe Apple has a different limitation).
  12. Update before I get rid of it. It was a good machine, I didn't have very many complaints. Mine has a weird issue where is randomly forces hibernation because it thinks the battery is dead (just running the command line thing to disable critical battery hibernate fixes that though). This is my first experience with liquid metal and it didn't seem to last at all... I'm already having issues with the CPU thermal throttling and heating up the cooler enough to cause the GPU to reach it's max temp as well. I much prefer the fingerprint reader to windows hello (but that's just a pref
  13. Yeah, My mother's laptop has 20GB because it has 1 SoDIMM slot (with a 16GB stick) and 4GB soldered on the board. It's a Flex5 or Flex15 I don't remember which.
  14. I've never had problems with Dell, I had an Inspiron 7559 and that thing ran super cool and quiet, after that I replaced it with a Precision M6700 which I absolutely loved. All of the Precision M6X00 laptops are awesome and have tons of ports and even the dock making easy to dock and undock. Not a huge fan of them anymore because even the 'precision mobile workstations' are lacking in ports and upgradability. Just got a Clevo (X170SM-G) and the port selection is amazing, starting to see why people like Clevo so much XD (noticed you didn't have Clevo/Resellers on you list btw.)
  15. I doubt the 390 has HDMI 2.0 so you're limited to 30hz, you should be able to do 4k 60hz over Displayport.
  16. Waiting to see if a decent 2tb NVMe drive goes on sale, already ~$180 on Amazon so hopefully I can snag one for a little less.
  17. Did you raise to Turbo Boost Power Max/Short Power Max sliders in XTU? You can probably just set them to unlimited but watch thermals as more power draw = more heat.
  18. Are you sure you didn't buy it from Best Buy (on eBay)? A lot of companies have an official eBay page. The first thing that comes up when I search '970 evo' is this listing which is from the official BestBuy eBay account: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Samsung-970-EVO-Plus-500GB-Internal-PCI-Express-3-0-x4-NVMe-Solid-State-D/203093946571?epid=3030528681&hash=item2f4957b0cb:g:OCcAAOSwJBhceafr
  19. So, my THICC-17 finally arrvied and they weren't kidding when they said THICC. Even though I was expecting it the first thing I noticed taking it out of the box was how massive it is, it's basically the same thickness as my Mech-17 sitting on ~3/4 inch stand made from legos I had it on. But who cares? If your buying a desktop replacement you probably couldn't care less about how big it is so lets start the actual review. External Port Selection Obviously one of the huge selling points for me was the port selection, it has just about everything. My only complaint it there is on
  20. Text Free doesn't use your texts because instead of sending text messages from your number they use a different phone number, technically is counts as texts for whatever number you are using however that doesn't matter to you. As for TF over cellular, it should only be using data (to communicate with their servers and handle sending messages from a different number). Not texts afaik
  21. Depends, are you sending RCS (Chat Features Enabled) Messages or just SMS? (If you have RCS enabled it will say 'SMS' under the send icon when sending SMS messages, if you don't have it enabled it's all SMS.) I don't believe RCS messages count as texts where as regular SMS messages do even if sent from the messages.google.com page or simlar. Though I don't know what you mean by 'WiFi texts' as I believe SMS/MMS messages are still sent of cellular even when connected to WiFi
  22. Disclaimer: THS IS ALL SPECULATION and is probably not going to reflect actual mobile 30 series performance so don't expect this to be accurate. So using the info I can find an math I decided to try and get a rough guess at 30 series laptop performance. I used the same TDP for the current 20 series cards (highest for each class, I know this skews the data a bit but I don't have specific numbers for each TDP of maxq/p cards.) All of the clock speed info was gathered from notebookcheck and the Time Spy/Firestrike results are from the UL results page. Obviously a lot of t
  23. I've never actually used facebook and left Apple several years ago but still use Google and Amazon services regularly as well as using Windows 10 (though I've disabled as much microsoft bullshit and telemetry as I can). Switching to linux isn't completely out of the question for me in fact, I might try it pretty soon. As for Google I don't really have a plan, I use XPrivacyLua on my phone to try and give as little as possible but obviously I also use google docs/youtube a lot so.... Amazon isn't a huge deal to me as all I order is random adapters, pc parts, etc. I don't use any of Amazon's oth
  24. So I can't really find a definitive answer for how these MST hubs work (converts one DP to multiple DPs or HDMIs, I have one thats 1 DP to dual HDMI). I've heard that they don't add support for more displays (meaning 4 max on RTX 20 series) but I've also heard it's only limited by bandwidth and the number of displays doesn't matter. So If I am running 3 displays natively and plug in 2 displays into the hub then into the last DP port can it run 5 at once or is it still limited to 4? Bandwidth shouldn't matter as the DP port is 1.4 and only running 2x 1080p 60hz displays which there is
  25. That's what I thought but everything should be gigabit (both computers report as gigabit and I know the switch is gigabit). That was why I tested with iperf and saw speeds well over 100mb/s (around 800-900mb/s)