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    Majsterek reacted to Thermosman in Budger Laptop 1500 $ Max   
    900$ over budget to be precise. if thats what you consider a little
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    Majsterek reacted to whitetea in Budger Laptop 1500 $ Max   
    If you got some extra cash this is an AMAZING laptop. A little over your budget
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    Majsterek got a reaction from whitetea in Budger Laptop 1500 $ Max   
    Very simple . You guys are expers at this . Curently i want a laptop for 1500$ no more . With a 1060 GPU preforemnce . Wich is portable not necessery super compact .  But prefebly a good quality build that will last .
    So anything good with GTX 1060 or better Gaming preforemnce . 
    Any help will be appreceited .
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    Majsterek reacted to orddie in Most effective card at mining   
    examples to back this?
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    Majsterek got a reaction from lieder1987 in What is this Nicehash scam and why are people using it?   
    Nice hash benchmarks your hardwhere and uses the best script to mine , I make more money buy using Nice Hash then the old way . This is becoushe i dont like to swich things im moslty away and dont heave that much time . Anyway If anyone thinks it is a scum please creat a service with lower fees I will be happy to use it 
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    Majsterek reacted to lieder1987 in What is this Nicehash scam and why are people using it?   
    In addition to this, if I need something changed and I am not at home and she is. It is super simple to get her to start, adjust, etc.
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    Majsterek reacted to csanders in What is this Nicehash scam and why are people using it?   
    I use it for a couple of reasons:

    1. it's running 24/7 on my office desktop at home.  If my wife needs to use the computer while I'm at work, it's literally 3 clicks to stop the miner, revert Afterburner to the normal non-overclocked profile, and have full access to whatever she wants to do on the machine.  It's the same 3 clicks (reverse order) to go back to my mining clock profile and re-start the miner.

    2. it's convenient.  I can monitor the Nicehash .api from my phone and check up on my worker.  The service manages whatever currency is most efficient at the time for my hardware, and pays me out in Bitcoin.  This means I don't have to worry about trading litecoin/etherium/dogecoin/etc and incurring those fees.  Instead, I just pay out Nicehash their % and have it automatically converted to Bitcoin for me.  This is probably a bit more expensive than doing the trading myself, but it's much easier.
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    Majsterek got a reaction from ImNotThere in Looking to build a new gaming PC   
    what i said was correct it was just out of contects as i did not read the quote obove that they are talking abaut specific models . Sounds like you get influence by adverts to much. 
    Personally i would go with the AMD as they heave cheaper mobo and futhure better upgradability, 
    For GPU you get better bunck for the buck by geting two 1080 . sure it is more expensive but the preformence per $ is better. 
    Apologes for not reading that quote 
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    Majsterek got a reaction from ImNotThere in Looking to build a new gaming PC   
    If you seen any of linus vids you would know that u dont shop by the brand . You cannot say that AMD is for gaming and Navidia is for rendering . THIS IS JUST WRONG . YOUS Benchammrks to tell you what cpu or gpu is best for your desires not branding . 
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    Majsterek got a reaction from ImNotThere in Looking to build a new gaming PC   
    This is all of topick The person who creted this thread is not interested in your personal experiance with computers, Keep to the topic 
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    Majsterek got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in What's Your password policy?   
    I only heave password becoushe people from my family think they are smart ass and mess with my setings then nothing works . Usually i dont keep anything privite on computers . I use HDD and then put it somwere safe . No password will protectu you compleatly , especially seting a password on windows is only a protection against people who heave no ideas abaut computers . 
    If you loos your phone how the hell they are going to give it back to you if they cannoit call any of your reletives mum dad etc. If they want to steal it they just wipe it . 
    Laptop same story as PC . no point just reset your password in an Hour or get a USB to do that for you 
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    Majsterek reacted to Zyndo in 1560 US $ Custum waterkooling PC   
    yeah, hardline is going to eat up a bit more of your budget since you're going to need bending materials, and there are no budget saving kits for hardline. You're probably looking at $600-$700. You could go to a site like performance PCs and try to part out a list of components to better fit your budget as there ARE cheaper people out there than EK, but I can't imagine you getting a hard line build much lower than that and I wouldn't trust the quality/performance of the loop if you did.... but you can certainly try. let us know how it goes.
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    Majsterek reacted to Zyndo in 1560 US $ Custum waterkooling PC   
    to put that in perspective, even with the slight OC advantage you would get with a custom loop, the build with the 7700k+1080ti would generate (roughly) ~50% more fps in all games across the board compared to the 7600k+1070 build. Its your money and you can do with it what you please, but you should really consider just how important aesthetics  are to you and what you're giving up in order to get it
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    Majsterek reacted to Zyndo in 1560 US $ Custum waterkooling PC   
    for $1500-$1600 on a PC with custom watercooling in it.... you're likely going to be spending roughly half of that on water cooling components. You COULD get something like one of these EK kits and then throw in a couple fittings, a bit more tubing, and a GPU block to save money on the loop... but you're unlikely to get the exact aesthetic you're looking for:
    even going that route. you're still probably looking at around 500-ish bucks at a minimum (after GPU blocks, fittings, and taxes/shipping are concerned). with that in mind, and your desired aesthetics aside, this is about the best PC you could hope for if you insist on a custom loop at your budget: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zQQ7BP
    You will not be able to afford hardline or your specific choices of aesthetics in your water cooling build. a 7600k+gtx 1070 is a fine build no doubt, but you could get something a lot better if you didn't invest all your money into unnecessary water cooling. if you opt out of water cooling, you can double the size of your SSD, and bump up to a 7700k+1080ti quite easily merely at the cost of your custom loop. You can always easily add a custom loop later on or AIO or whatever you want quite easily, but its very costly to upgrade the actual hardware in a system (say from a 1070-1080ti or 7600k-7700k) because you will be selling the older components at quite a loss when you upgrade. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ttf7BP
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    Majsterek got a reaction from LienusLateTips in Looking to upgrade my first pc   
    Buy a Rx 480 or gtx 1060 this is the sweet spot . Preferably Rx 480 as it supports crossfire and 1060 dose not support sli 
     For the mobo I recommendd go for MSI x99a gaming 7  and for CPU I7-5820k
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    Majsterek reacted to Pancake2k in Looking to upgrade my first pc   
    So I'm looking to upgrade my first pc build after about 4 months of owning it,right now I have so many makeshift things and so many low quality components I figured it was time to plam for an upgrade. I'm not going to lay down a budget but this is just to help make a list for myself and have my PC appraised as to what parts may beneficial for it in the near future. And please no negative criticism,other forums tend to hate on my poor choice of components (i.e my i3 that could have been swapped for a Pentium g4560 which was released shortly after I finished my build).Now with that out of the way...
    All my components are listed in the PC part picker at the bottom of the topic
    Now I'm really wanting to clean up my case,one problem I have is the psu's cables.its not modular so these cables take up all the case and it looks terrible especially from the window in case. I'm wanting a modular psu, but I don't really know any reputable companies besides seasonic and EVGA and even then I don't know which ones are better quality and such. So what modular power supply is best for it's dollar? (I really don't need anything above 600 watts I don't plan on getting a power hungry gpu or overclocking an fx anytime soon)
    For Storage,I am honestly starting to hate hard drives and seeing the difference between a 7200rpm drive and a (even a budget drive) ssd is asstonishing to me and I really want to upgrade and make an SSD a boot drive. There are alot of companies with SSD's with 120gb ranging from 40-100$. I have thought abkut buying an adata drive since they get decent reviews and are fairly cheap but I have found many received and articles saying g how un dependable they are,so what low cost 120gb ssd would be good for a system like this?
    For ram I plan to get crucial ddr4 ram,unless there are better options I believe that's what I will get (I'm also only running a single stick of ram so if there are any suggestions for ram I do need dual channel) 
    Motherboards....I have no clue what to get. I do plan to overclock if I am able to get a capable cpu and a cooler for it so I do want a motherboard capable of OCing.however I am looking for a non-micro atx board,the atx board in my case is just so cramped and the terrible cane management doesn't help the looks at all here. By no means do I need a full on all bells and whistles gaming class motherboard,just something with plenty of USB ports,fan headers,PCI,USB 3 case control and looks nice from the outside and can oc. (LGA 1151 of course) 
    Video card, I am stuck with two choices. I am considering the GTX 1070 and the RX 480.in raw performance the 480 does preform better and has a better price to performance ratio but...I am hesitant because the 1080 is alot better at 100$ more so would it be a better investment in a 480 or save for a 1080? (Or wait and see what Vega brings)
    Lastly the processer,this is what enticed me to create this topic most. I definitely want a cpu with 4+ cores and good overclocking ability. I was natruelly drawn to the i5 6600k..But then I realized that there's kaby lake that is reverse compatible with lga1151 socket. But then there is also ryzen 5 which.....Holy crap it looks amazing especially with the entry processer being 169 with a (pretty decent) stock cooler compared to the 219$ 6600k without a cooler and another new Mobo that would be needed to overclock. (Also the b350 boards for ryzen are only around  80$ compared to the other boards on the lga1151 starting at around 120$ for a decent oc capable board) 
    So do you think the investment into Intel's kaby lake or sky lake processers would be more beneficial...Or a new ryzen chip with a new Mobo entirely? 
    (I know this was long but I'm honestly just wanting am appraisal and opinion for upgrade components,I don't expect anyone to answer all my questions about components in one post but these are a list of everything I'm considering and wondering about upgrading,thank you for reading as well)
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    Majsterek got a reaction from Pancake2k in Looking to upgrade my first pc   
    Buy a Rx 480 or gtx 1060 this is the sweet spot . Preferably Rx 480 as it supports crossfire and 1060 dose not support sli 
     For the mobo I recommendd go for MSI x99a gaming 7  and for CPU I7-5820k
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    Majsterek got a reaction from airdeano in Obsydian 700d airflow   
    Thanks good advice 
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    Majsterek got a reaction from Mr.Meerkat in 1000$ gaminig PC   
    Thanks a lot for your help thanks for taking into your account that I live in poland 
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    Majsterek reacted to DioOmicida in Asus GTX 980Ti Oc   
    Rather than getting a "reconditioned" card, I would have just got the new non OC card and overclocked it myself.
    But, I think it's odd they didn't have some sort of 7 day return damaged product policy.