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  1. I honestly didn't know they were NA only. I'm in the states right now, so I could try it out, but I plan on studying in the UK (used to live there) and wouldn't want to start a subscription and then cancel after only a few months. Guess I'll have to skip it until they either expand globally or I return to the states in a few years. Not the solution I was expecting, but it works. Thanks.
  2. Haha, yea that's why I asked here. I never really buy stuff though so it seemed like something to spend money on. I have a problem with burnt holes in my pockets. (I have to save that 250 first before anything else because I'd probably spend all of it if I didn't lock it up) Thanks, as I said above, I'm just looking for some place to waste cash. It's stupid, I know. Maybe I'll donate some of it. Or put it into a system upgrade fund. (GTX 770 doesn't like Ubisoft games as much as me)
  3. So I'm a highschooler who recently got a job, at chickfila, and I have some extra cash to spend now. I was wondering if subscribing to Five Four Club would be worth it, so if anyone has experience with it and would like to share please do. Comments over quality, quantity, and value are all appreciated. Pics of past clothes would also be cool. If anyone knows about finances could you tell me if this is smart to do. Here is my current situation: $450-$500 a month depending on my hours. (I've been working for three months already) $250 goes to savings account $150 goes to car payments.
  4. Thank you Linus, Edzel, Slick, Brandon, and all the newer guys. I discovered the channel last year around February and it has honestly changed my life. After joining the community I now have a desktop that I built based off of one of the first build guides. Crazy thinking of how much the channel's grown since you began. Congratulations guys. To another million
  5. So I am launching a satirical newspaper at my school this semester. (First issue actually comes out tomorrow) The problem I realize I'm going to have is updating the website whenever I'm out of town. My desktop is perfect for designing the paper and maintaining the site through wordpress, but its not portable. I'm looking into either the Dell XPS 11 or 12 or maybe the Acer S7 (Although that one is a bit pricey for me.) The only things beside web browsing that I would need it to do is indesign, wordpress, and a little photoshop + illustrator. I won't need to use premiere or other heavy editors
  6. Do you know of any cheap alternatives?
  7. Is there any tutorials like this? Or does anyone have any suggestions? My main concerns are how hard it'll be to set up and maintain a forum like LTT. I was thinking on setting up a small forum for my nieghborhood, but I need something that looks legit like LTT. What software does LTT use and is it hard to set up? Any help will do. Project: So I'm planning on creating a exclusive and local version of craigslist for my neighborhood and a forum style design would be the best. Basically the idea is to charge something like $10-$25 a year for access to a bunch of useful info about the neighbor
  8. Awesome! I really like the camera apps different settings and the option to shoot in 4K. Dbrand looks really cool and I like that they support older phones like the iphone 4 as well. (That's my current phone.)
  9. I'm a high schooler with severely limited funds plus as a writer I mainly use a browser for work anyways. Adobe is the only thing that I need but won't be able to use and I really only need that for layouts so I can get by on my desktop.
  10. So I am looking for a chrome book for the new school year. I was planning on getting the dell chrome book 11 but then it ran out of stock. Now should I wait for the more powerful i3 version due sometime in august or get the acer c720p now? For a chrome book I need 4gb of ram and a healthy battery, but all the other specs don't really sway me either way. Any suggestions on what to do? Will the i3 really push the envelope in terms of speed compared to the current bay trail chips?
  11. If you want to save money, cut the noctuas and get something cheaper. Although they are significantly better than most fans, a little noise and higher temps is fine by me if it saves me a bunch. Other than that you could cut the 1tb and get by on the 120gb ssd until you get enough cash to get a 1tb.
  12. It is fanboyish by nature, but I'm working on improving my writing style so that it can become unbiased. I do think I could have done a better job of showing both sides, but that is kind of the point of this for me, a form of therapy if you will. I didn't mean to defend google or bad mouth other writers, I was simply writing down my opinions on the matter. They might come off as biased and ignorant, but I didn't intend them to be that way. Also I hate sensationalist headlines so I will call people out for using them, the articles themselves just come from a different view point. I can agree wi
  13. Ooooo I like some of those, maybe I'll experiment with them. I really like this one, geometric, but I'd probably have to make it greyscale for easier reading. Thanks for sharing that.