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  1. Before I used to have a nvidia 780, with 2 monitors, one connected to the dvi port directly and another smaller one connected to an hdmi to vga adapter, because it only has a vga port, then I managed to buy an nvidia 3070, and connect the large monitor with displayport ( It is a BENQ of 27 ") and the little one wanted to connect it through the hdmi to vga adapter, but the card does not recognize it. With the nvidia 780 it works fine, but with the nvidia 3070 not, do I need any additional configuration?. the photo is the adapter I have.
  2. Rig name: mini monsterCpu: intel core i7 960, @3.2GhzGpu: nvidia 780Ram: 6GB ddr3 at 1080Mhz Score: 4.5