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  1. Just wanted to say I finally got around to running the cable, I'm flabbergasted at the speeds. Getting 10-20 Mb/s more than what I even pay for, should've done this years ago.
  2. I'm going to hardwire in my pc, already bought 100ft of cat 6, I'm looking for any advise or general knowledge on best practices. I've read online to keep the cable a certain distance away from electrical conduits and that shouldn't be a problem, however I am going to have to run the cable behind my tv which is a mess of many power cords. would this introduce noticeable noise or interference to the cable? It is unshielded flat cat6 by the way.
  3. sweet I wasn't sure if you could limit it like that, I'll see if thats an option in the bios I've got
  4. I don't really play many cpu intensive games at the moment, but do you think the fan would be working overtime during just web browsing or playing 2d games? my pc is already a jet engine because the case fans are molexed in due to being too cheap/lazy to buy a fan splitter, don't really want it to get louder
  5. I'm waiting on my aftermarket cooler to arrive, in the mean time I want to use my new cpu, just wondering if anyone has experienced what temps are like using a stock cooler designed for a 65W chip? Think my cpu will fry or would it be an acceptable stand in for 2 weeks? Probably a bad idea but if temps are under 95c I'd run it.
  6. I'm open to coming down a bit for a quick sale but I don't want to give it away. I've seen plenty on ebay for 125usd plus extra for shipping, I was hoping to sell it locally to maintain the allure of no shipping cost or wait times. I guess I may have to settle for 80$ if no one is interested.
  7. I'm upgrading to a 9600k since I found one used for 200$ canadian, planing on buying an asrock 390M board as it's the cheapest viable chipset board I could find.
  8. I don't know if posts like this are frowned upon or not, but I'm upgrading my cpu and looking to sell my old one. I'm thinking I can get at least 125$ canadian for my 6500; what do you guys think, would that be a fair price or am I being unrealistic?
  9. Budget (including currency): 80$-140$ Canadian pesos Country: canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: 3d AAA games and 2d indie games So I built my computer about 3 or 4 years ago and I'm feeling like its time to upgrade some components. It is running an i5-6500 in a gigabyte GA-H110M A motherboard, with 2X4GB hyperx 2133mhz ram. I am not currently looking to upgrade the cpu or board, but I would like to get a 2X8GB kit of ram. While I am aware that the max rated ram speed for the cpu and the board is 2133mhz, I can't seem to find a straight answer o
  10. Im using the shitty keyboard on my shitty laptop. I'd love this keyboard because I'm building a system this summer to finally get me out of APU hell. It looks great too because of how its clean it looks, especially in white.