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  1. Wrong. Intel 11th gen desktop is still on 14nm. Some of the Intel 10th and 11th gen low power mobile chips are on 10nm. Source
  2. AM5 will be the new socket that should come out with Zen 4 at the end of the year on a new motherboard platform with DDR5 ram. Your 6700k is fine and if you were going to upgrade it would be best to wait for AM5 or if you want Intels 12th gen which should have DDR5 and be on 10nm.
  3. Disabling shouldn't change anything thermally but if you want to there should be an option in the BIOS to disbale the iGPU
  4. cm992

    FPS for 144 hz

    What laptop and what games? You'll get an advantage if you play any fast paced games especially multiplayer first person shooters
  5. Imo VR is a bad expierence in its current state but with Apple coming out with a headset soon I think the development of better VR tech might accelerate soon. Also the game selection isn't great. I would just wait if I were you.
  6. Do you have a reason for going with EPYC instead of a 3950x or 5950x?
  7. Going for B560 or Z590 will only get you support for Intel 11th gen. By the time you are ready to put a new cpu in you may want to get something more recent than 11th gen. Although going B560 or Z590 does give you pcie4 if you put an 11th gen in. Its a tough call. If I had to chose I'd go with the cheapest available board that supports your i3-10100f and enjoy it then later when you need an upgrade get a new mobo/cpu/ram, by that time ddr5 ram will probably be the norm.
  8. So if you want something light and slim why are you set on 15+ inch?
  9. For best build quality I would say razer, but its expensive slim and 15+ inch... Maybe the razer book then but i think thats 13inch
  10. Sounds like an interesting idea. You might be able to accomplish it easier using javascript instead of php. edit: found this, not sure if it will work edit2: the best option might just be php
  11. Have your windows key written down. If it ever happens pop out your drive and slap a new one in.
  12. Are you running a vanilla server? Forge? Sponge? Bukkit? Something else? Also is it for your main PC, will you be playing games on the same PC as the server?
  13. Looks good. Make sure to set the ram to 2933 (motherboard max) in the bios after you build. Also don't pay $100+ for windows, get a ~$15 oem key or dont activate it. For 1080p 144hz in rocket league, minecraft, gang beasts, and rouge company you should be getting above 144fps or close to it with that setup according to some quick youtube searches. As for cod cold war you're looking at ~100fps at 1080p low settings or ~80fps at 1080p high. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. Does anyone know of a program that will measure both the cpu frametime and gpu frametime of games? I've looked and can't find anything. Everything I can find simply has one frametime measurement. I want a tool that breaks it down further because its super useful for quickly determing a cpu or gpu bottleneck. An example of this is in cod modern warfare 2019 or warzone where the in-game settings have built in frametime counters for both cpu and gpu. Although there is a downside to the warzone implementation, it rounds the frametimes to the nearest ms. So if you had 5.00ms and 5.49ms both would s
  15. the stock cooler, change the profile in bios if it isnt quiet enough for you, or if you hate the look of the stock cooler, hyper 212 black