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fm sam bahadur

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  • Birthday Sep 06, 1994

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    mumbai india
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    gaming coding hacking sketching hardware, crative softwares like 3dmax maya mudbox zbrush .......
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    gamedevloper,automobile designer
  1. hello ,i'm building new workstation pc......i'm going to bay quadro k4000 n gtx card(for cuda ) my problem is that ...........should i bay gtx titan or gtx 780ti???........m totally confused what should i bay ?????? :unsure: 4770k haswell vi hero corsair pro 16gb (1866) corsair 800 watt psu 3 tb hhd 1 tb sshd nzxt kraken x60
  2. my monitor is dell S2440L n graphic card is ati firepro w7000 problem was monitor is 24" but their is a empty space at all edges who to get that full space????????? :mellow: