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  1. with the amount of components that make up a modern pc, it's almost a guarantee that one of them is inevitably going to suffer a problem somewhere down the line. although you can do things to make sure that happens later, rather than sooner. cables and power supplies are usually the first things to go for me, and the most simple solutions are often the correct ones.
  2. there's a lot you're right about, as well as some info you're missing. - your data has, for the most part, been sent and receieved using a secure tunnel (HTTPS) since 2016-2018. So yes, while you're connecting to a network, which has an encrypted tunnel, your data isn't then just unencrypted the rest of the way any more. Not unless you're specifically using unsecure HTTP. - using a VPN is still useful for shared and public networks, as while ARP spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks are rarer now, a person with enough knowledge could still technically view certain
  3. i'm an ex-professional tf2 and ex-high level overwatch player (4400 sr), now i just play games solo or with friends non-competitively.
  4. i'm a PIA user, I use Linus' code every time i purchase
  5. alternatively, i can just watch this thread and eat popcorn.
  6. seems like this thread is here for you to just reiterate your opinion every time despite the fact that the video is correct. postulating something is right just because you don't know better and haven't done the research doesn't make you right.
  7. naa, whenever i change hardware i tend to just save up for whatever's best at the time. whether or not i have bad timing is irrelevant to me as i'd rather have what i need asap unless there's like a black friday sale a week or two down the line.
  8. i've always despised bloatware, hard agree
  9. i would disagree about the motion blur sentiment. espcially considering it tends to also impact on the performance in some games.
  10. my issue is that i find 30 fps to just be too low in this day and age. plenty of console games run at higher framerates now though, thanks to variable resolutions on-the-fly so it's not generally as big of a problem anymore. not everyone has my preferences though
  11. you press the button to do the thing
  12. many pc players don't even really care too much about framerates even, it's only really the few of us who wanna do it for gains. plenty of people still use 60hz 1080p displays according to steam statistics.
  13. they lose their licence in this country if they're caught not following the law. i'm 26 and i still get asked for ID.
  14. if they just do what my country does and check for legitimate ID before handing over the products; children are protected. sounds like the tobacco industry really wants to try and ban alternatives to their products instead of going into that market.