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  1. Yup you guys where right, it was the oc something must have been off, the speed alone shout have got me there but tested in a few games and appart from cod middle of that damn miami map its running better thanks again
  2. yeah ill test that too, thought generally i only know very basic over clocking stuff thanks
  3. yeah my eyes nearly poped out my head when i saw that, and i pretty much thought that cant be right, but yeah nice do you think some 4000 ram would also help ?
  4. ok so being that the 5800x is none existent at the minuet is there one you could recommend either int or amd
  5. So my 3080 is running great i love it, i got the 3080 vision not interested in overclocking it its a beast as it is. More to the point i dont even know if i can over clock it much either way but anyway im noticing a tiny tiny bit of hitching in games, and maybe a ever so slightly underwhelming in RTX games mostly it runs perfect but if i look into the center of the map on miami in COD CW it will drop down to sub 60 which is fine i guess but im wondering if there are additions i can make to my machine right now that i can order tomorrow and get more out the 3080
  6. Not Done one of these for a while so here we go Rig Intell 8700k 4.7 32gb 3000 Gorsair vengence RTX 2070 super Asus Strix (SOOON TO BE A GLORUIOUS 3080) come on 17th LETS GO Rog Strix Mobo Z390 -e 850w Corsair NETGEAR XRM570 Nighthawk Pro Gaming Wi-Fi Router and Mesh Corsair k70 lux g520 hero mouse speakers ....... i dont eve remember what they are called but they are great sound quality TERRIBLE built quality Screen Asus Rog Super mega happy fun time ultra wide Strix xg49vq 32.9 second screen = crappy old acer 1080p, doe
  7. Interesting, i knew they were back compat but only at a basic level, so it's one of them, might be fine might not work deals. Well if i can get away with a 600 purchase first and see how it goes before spending the 1.5k on another new rig then ill roll that dice i guess. thank you
  8. So I'm getting conflicting info about the new 3080 regarding must having a PCI-E 4 board or not current spec is below So i understand the need for the new GPU to be on it's most compatible slot that obviously being 4.0 but i've only recently finished this system, and not gunna like going to be a bit of a ball ache to have to build a new one So Can i run a 3080 on this rig ? Also Psu is a 850w gold Mobo = Rog Strix z390-e gaming Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 19041) (19041.vb_release.191206-1406) BIOS:
  9. added some lighting and changed the fans that come with the H100i GTX water cooler, honestly you pay £100 for it and it came with their worst fans they had, would not stop making a wiring whining noise, but now its wispier quite and cool Red White Black looks a lot better than i thought it would
  10. yeah your right, but i got a good price on the cooler and didn't think i would need much more as i've just gone with a very basic bio overclock @15%
  11. Rig Name - White Wolf CPU: i7-6700k GPU: GTX 980 TI SC 6GB EVGA RAM: 16GB DDR4
  12. Hey everyone Just joined so i thought i would start here So here's my new rig built as off 1 week ago Case - Corsair 780T Motherboard - Asus Maximus Hero VIII CPU- i7-6700k Ram -16GB DDR 4 Gskill Ripjaw GPU - EVGA GTX 980 TI 6gb SC PSU - RM850x Corsair Corsair H100i GTX water cooler 1x Kingston 250gb SSD 1x Samsung EVO SSD 1x 2tb WD barracuda 7200 HDD 2x generic HDD's LG 29' Ultra wide 21.9 Screen 2560X1080 native all parts purchased under Linus Tech Tips Video recommendations