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    Intel i5 6600k @ 4.5Ghz
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    ASUS Z170-AR
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    G.SKILL 2x8GB 2400Mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX980Ti G1 Gaming
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    Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 5
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    Boot drive: Samsung 840 EVO 250gb - Storage: WD Green 1TB 5400rpm
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    Corsair H100i V2
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    Logitech G710+ MXBlue
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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  1. To minimize bottleneck, gain them fps in games sure why not? I mean, if you can keep the temps down doesn't hurt to try give it a try.
  2. I personally Have the Pro 5 and I love it. Build quality is great, it isnt that heavy, carrying handles are nice and overall a good case. Heaps of room and a nice large side window
  3. Yep this is the case... cold boot shot my voltage up to 2Volts! First few restarts crashes with a BSOD (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) then after a few more tries it boots properly and voltage is back to nornal.. How do I fix this rampage of voltage? Cheers
  4. Ahhh. I'll keep an eye out on that next cold boot, it seems to only happen then other than that its allgood after a few restarts.
  5. Hi guys, I've recently upgraded. Currently using a 2nd hand Mobo and CPU. Every time I start my PC from cold boot my CPU temperatures rocket to 60degrees and stays there, I restart PC and it rockets to 99-100degrees and the motherboard says the same temperature then the system temperature says 28degrees.. After like the 3rd restart fan ramps down and it idles at 30-38degrees. I've reseated the heat sink multiple times thinking it may be a bad install. What the heck is going on? EDIT: Confirmed that Z87 board dangerously upping voltage. Any fix to this? Cheer
  6. Put it to FM Quality. I had this issue when I got my G35's doing this fixed it.
  7. Yeah It would be cheaper but I want to try out the Intel side haha. I'm going for stronger single core performance seeing games like ArmA3 need.
  8. Sadly i5-4690k is hard to find nowdays been searching for a bit. I would definitely go with that CPU seeing im getting a Z87 Motherboard off my mate for cheap.
  9. Truee. Realistically I would not be able to tell the difference between the two for example in games yea?
  10. Hi guys, Currently here in NZ Intel i5 4460 goes for about $315 give or take and the i5 4590 goes for about $335. I'm wondering if its even worth getting the 4590 over the 4460 and if its even worth the extra $20? Cheers!
  11. It's like NZ copying Australia's government, Australia introduced these kinds of online tax that is going to take place and oh look, NZ joined the bandwagon ffs NZ.
  12. Using HDMI and I never had any problems. Windows installed the latest WHQL driver from AMD and then I updated it manually from there.