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    mariushm got a reaction from Crunchy Dragon in TIL: Linus thinks pop is poison, yet pushes Madrinas. AKA: Linus pushes poison, if it   
    He's already pushing those dihydrogen monoxide containers... that stuff's toxic, people die every year from drinking too much of it.
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    mariushm got a reaction from Schnoz in Dad: My graphics card is fine, you don't need to touch it right now. Me: touches it I   
    Yeah, had this happen in 2009 with a radeon 4850
    Happens that I made a video when I installed a passive cooler on it
    Check at 3:50 , opening the original cooler there.
    I lived in a part of town that was quite dusty in 2009 ... i take better care of hardware usually.
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    mariushm got a reaction from Origami Cactus in i want to use gt1030 ddr5 with my ryzen 3 2200g, as apu have no vram it use system ra   
    NO. Do not do it.
    GT 1030 is only around 10-20% faster / better in games compared to the integrated graphics in the 2200g processor.
    Yes, you do have VRAM on the video card, but it doesn't help much if the performance is not there.
    For example, a GT 1030 will have 2 GB of GDDR5, but it's running in 64 bit mode and usually memory frequency is lower, at around 2000 Mhz, and GDDR5 transfers 4 bits per Hz. 
    So the overall bandwidth is  64 bit x 4 bit per Hz (with GDDR5) x Hz  =  512,000,000,000 bits per second or 64,000,000,000 bytes/s / 1024x1024 = 61.035 MB/s or 60 GB/s
    With DDR4, you transfer 2 bits per Hz but you're using your computer RAM in dual channel mode, so 2 64 bit DDR4 sticks behave like one 128 bit DDR4 stick, and if you run at 3200 Mhz (actual speed 1600 Mhz) you're looking at
    Bandwidth = 128 bits x 2 bit per Hz x 1.600.000.000 = 409,600,000,000 bits or 51,200,000,000 bytes/s /1024x1024 = 48,828.125 MB/s or 48 GB/s
    So you're looking at 48 GB/s versus 60 GB/s for the GT1030 - your memory performance is only 20% better on the GT 1030. If you use 3600 Mhz DDR4 that bandwidth difference is even smaller.
    But it's not even all about the bandwidth .. a game has to copy data in computer ram and then transfer it to the gt1030 using the pci-e bus, so there's added nanoseconds wasted with that, while the integrated graphics already has the data in ram, there's no copying and transfers, so the integrated graphics gains some performance from there.
    At the end of the day, the GT1030 is just a bit more powerful actual processor and will have some performance increase, but it will be too small to actually make sense to spend money on it, especially if playing at 720p 
    The smallest that would make sense for you would be a RX 460 ( you can buy these on eBay for around 60$ and they're safe purchases), these will be maybe 20-25% better than your integrated graphics.
    From nVidia, the lowest would be GT 1050.
    IF you don't mind going with older cards, maybe also look for some R9 290, 290x video cards... you can find them for around 50$ and they're still new enough cards to play the current games at 720p or higher quite well.
    R9 380, 380x, 390 start from around 80$ but at this price, you can already look for RX 470 cards and RX 480 - a lot of these were bough for mining, and there's lots of them available for cheap.
    Even RX 570 cards should be around 100$ on eBay ... very good price for the performance, RX 470 and higher are good even for 1080p
  4. Informative
    mariushm got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in From a company called ONDA(never heard of it), 32 Sata ports on a single mobo. Onda (   
    You get the full 560 MB/s per port, if the other ports aren't used.
    I don't know... I don't like this system.
    I'd rather have an ITX style board with the SATA controllers closer together and 7-8 special connectors and separate breakout boards each with 4 SATA ports. You could use something like micro/mini HDMI cable for example ... there's enough wires for 12v power and at least one pci-e lane in such cable.
    If one port becomes damaged, you can just replace the small board... and you also get some flexibility, like screwing the small boards on some rubber feet for minimizing vibrations.
    And 6 pci-e connectors? That's enough for 1000 watts of energy ... ridiculous.
  5. Informative
    mariushm got a reaction from Tech_Dreamer in From a company called ONDA(never heard of it), 32 Sata ports on a single mobo. Onda (   
    Bandwidth wise, it sucks.
    It's using a B250 chipset, which has maximum 12 pci-e lanes.
    It uses at least 7 x 4 port Marvell SATA controllers, for a total of 28 ports. The other 4 ports are coming from chipset.  So if each controller uses 1 pci-e lane, then 4 drives at a time share 970 MB/s of bandwidth. Meh.
    Also, only two So-DIMM sticks means 32 GB max of memory, which would suck for caching writes and all that.
    My guess some company out there wants to be a Backblaze competitor and made a big order for a board like this to Onda and now Onda makes a derivative of that as a retail version since they already made the research and BOM and has the parts ordered and all that.
  6. Informative
    mariushm got a reaction from SenKa in When you tell Windows specifically not to reboot, and it reboots, losing ~2TB of data   
    Shouldn't have to, and shouldn't corrupt... ntfs has journaling and transactions
    As for data run a checkdisk on partition.
    if you have access to system with original data you could also make a torrent of your original data and then load torrent on destination pc and  choose to save file where you downloaded before.
    The torrent client will hash check every file and download only the missing or corrupted segments. Or at very least it will tell you which files have errors and you can delete those and then use ftp to get those files only.
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    mariushm got a reaction from utsas_reza in What Thermal Compound Paste Should I Use for better cooling in stock cooler?   
    Any paste that's not just plain silicon grease (llight gray or white kinda liquid , the stuff you find in tiny sealed baggies usually, or very cheap 1-2$ 5ml syringes).
    Try Arctic Cooling / Silver  ceramique 2 , mx-2 , mx-4 , or whatever you have available near you that would be around the same price range of those.
    Anything cheaper would not be significantly better than what you already have on the stock cooler.
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    mariushm got a reaction from Aleks NE in Wow, just tried downloading music in "HiFI" mode, 963kbps does make a noticeable diff   
    Yeah, if the album is good, you're going to notice improvements in quality.
    It probably depends on what you're listening on (high quality headphones may make the differences more noticeable) and how the audio track was mastered in the first place (if the mastering studio just boosted the volume to make the sound LOUD or if there's actual audio range and quality in the track)
    If you want to experiment with lossless audio, I'd suggest  The Future Sound of London - Lifeforms (1994) or Mike Oldfield - The Songs Of Distant Earth (1996) or Enya - A day without Rain (2000)  . You'll definitely hear the differences if you listen to these and then listen to what's on youtube or a 320kbps album you download from somewhere.