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    Metaton reacted to BobVonBob in Nvidia TESLA M2070 6GB for mining?   
    Regardless of the profitability of mining in general, the M2070 in a very old card that is about on par with the GTX 280, it would almost certainly not be profitable.
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    Metaton reacted to buzzinkeegs in 1060 Fortnite   
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    Metaton reacted to IAEInferno in Why do people still play on consoles?   
    Like what exactly? Isn't it cheaper to have a powerful PC and buy discounted games on basically steam and any gaming site instead of a retail priced disk game? You can also pirate on the PC which basically makes any content free.
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    Metaton got a reaction from blackadder in HDD Failure?   
    Changed cable,changed port, Not full around 50%. 53% if i'm not mistaken. Defrag wont work.. WAAAY TOO SLOW!
    I cna open up every smal lthings like docs or small pics everything! I have no fcking idea what to do... Hell i even waited for a 15mb video to load up to see if anything wrong... And its worked...
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    Metaton reacted to SageOfSpice in HDD Failure?   
    Uhuh. Pics or it didn't happen. 
    You seem to be assuming an awful lot about me, and I'm not sure I appreciate that.
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    Metaton reacted to SLAYR in Gaming CPU Needed   
    Zen and kabylake are both going to be released and be widely available early next year, some places even say spring 2017 for zen. 
    And the OP is looking for new parts, and 500€ is good enough to build a new pc with.
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    Metaton reacted to Aytex in More cores on lower clock speed or higher clock speed on lower core numbers are better?   
    Take what @JefferyD90 said in consideration as well though
    But if you have the spare time, it doesn't hurt to test stuff out
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    Metaton reacted to deWaardt in Is it worth watercool and overclock an FX8320?   
    Pushing it to 5ghz is unlikely, I don't think you'll reach that overclock.
    Such cheap watercooler might not do better than an air cooler of the same price.
    I do not personally know that model, but I have seen other 50 bucks watercoolers and they weren't that great.
    The FX8320 is not a bad chip in my opinion, but if you need more power you're probably gonna want a new CPU.
    The architecture in the FX8xxx/9xxx chips is quite old and not that well performing. It's all up to what you want.
    You can try pushing the overclock further, but if you can't reach sufficient performance I recommend you to sell all of it and upgrade, but add some money.
    For 200ish you could get an i3 + cheap mobo, but that's not gonna be significantly better than your FX8320.
    Maybe second hand i5 4xxx with a lot of luck, but I recommend on keeping your FX8320 and saving up for good upgrades later on.
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    Metaton reacted to 21rkosta in FPS cuts down in half while recording.   
    @metaton well in that case thorny is probobly right
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    Metaton reacted to Mornincupofhate in FPS massively drop while recording.   
    As other people have said, you should probably invest in Nvidia as your next card. I personally don't see a different in frame rate when recording at 1080p 60fps, with the shadow play software.
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    Metaton reacted to FuriousGamer in Are these temps good?   
    Those temps are a little high maybe throw in a aftermarket air cooler and a couple more fans? You might wanna close that case because alot of dust is gonna get in there and that is a bad thing to have. Amd new cards are for sure gonna be released before september. I would advise waiting for AMD new line of cards but if you cant wait just buy the 1070. There is alot of speculations of how it will compare but there just speculations, in my opinion I think amd new cards will perform a little bit less to Nividias but will be worth it for the perfomance per dollar. 
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    Metaton reacted to ivan134 in Are these temps good?   
    Yes, that is hot and is expected of that bad cooler. Until further notice, avoid Asus and gigabyte when buying AMD cards. 
    As for their new cards, i think they're doing a paper launch at computex this week with the cards being available by the end of the month. This is just my guess though. 
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    Metaton reacted to Himommies in Are these temps good?   
    The R9 390 is incredipley hot my pc has the MSi one and it runs at 90 c under load and the Hawaii chip is quite hot,in my previous experiences i've been fine until about 95 degrees,so 80 degrees is actullay pretty cool
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    Metaton reacted to LennyIsLife in What card to change now?!   
    I wish Nvidia would stop crushing AMD at every turn. If AMD doesn't have a fighting chance, and especially if they go out of business, then Nvidia will have created a monopoly and that's not good for the consumers. And as far as Gigabyte cards go, they are loud, but they're reliable.