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    3D modeling, design, music, gaming, custom PC stuff, tech
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    Long story... :D
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    Packaging Designer


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    Ryzen 7 1800x @3.9GHz
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    G.Skill TRIDENT Z RGB 16GB 2667MHz
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    2 x Gigabyte GeForce GTX1080 WindForce OC
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    NZXT S340 (purple-white)
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    OCZ 120GB, Seagate 1TB
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    Corsair RM750i 80+ Gold
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    SAMSUNG S24D590 24"
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    NZXT Kraken X62
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    Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum
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    LOGITECH G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Creative Cambridge Sound Works + two random Philips speakers(doing their job pretty well ;D )/Logitech G430 headset
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    Windows 10 Pro x64
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  1. Ok, thanks a lot for all the info! I will order a router sometime next week and try and set it up. Would you mind if I would PM you if I will encounter some issues?
  2. Thanks a bunch! You are a legend! Last question. Will the devices connected to my router be visible to the devices connected to the "Main router" and vice versa?
  3. Oh, I get it. But powerline won't work for me, since you have to connect the powerline adapter to the router via LAN cable, which for some reason isn't allowed... I live in The Netherlands. Below the list of a few web shops. https://www.megekko.nl/ https://www.alternate.nl/html/index.html https://azerty.nl/
  4. The budget. I'm thinking around 150-200 euro. Why do I need power line adapters? ?
  5. Do you know any routers that would allow me to achieve this? I don't even know what sort of functionality to look for in the specification
  6. I'm currently connected via Wi-Fi to Main router. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to alter the settings of the router at all(it is fully managed by the landlord). So, even tho I have the physical access to the router, I'm not allowed to change any settings or configuration That's why I was curious if it is actually possible to connect two Wi-Fi routers wirelessly and then configure my network on my router.
  7. Hello everyone! Ok, so I'm renting a room right now. There is a Wi-Fi router that is providing internet to everyone in the house. Now what I want to do is to add another Wi-Fi router to the network and use it as my private Wi-Fi router. Now the trick is that the landlord didn't allow me to run a LAN cable from the router to my room. Is there a way to set up an AP that will wirelessly connect to an existing Wi-Fi router and then function as I described? Below you can see a drawing of what I mean. Maybe this will be more clear ? I wonder as well, if my network, confi
  8. @Untitled @Raging-Storm, thanks for your help guys! Now I'm sure I'm going for the 1440p panel I already have one to which I stream my games via SteamLink, but I'm afraid it doesn't support 4K streaming Well... I will take my PC downstairs for one gaming night and see how it works
  9. Hello everyone, A while ago I upgraded my PC. Now I'm looking to upgrade my monitor as well. I was considering a 4K monitor. I don't really need the G-Sync or over 60 fps... or don't I? I recently thought that it would be awesome to actually experience the G-Sync and 100+ fps. I stumbled upon this monitor: Dell S2716DG 27". It is a 1440p panel with really nice specs and I like how it looks like as well. I think my 2 x GTX1080 will handle the games in this resolution which I'm not sure about the 4K resolution. What do you guys think? Is it worth it to give up on the higher fps
  10. Samsung 970 Evo or 960 Evo?

  11. I don't think you are creepy, not at all. The wallpaper is. @CPotter That's what I meant (I'm joking I know you are joking as well... You are, aren't you ) I'm not judging.
  12. RGB is life and I don't care what anyone else think! That wallpaper tho... Kinda creepy... Just my opinion No offense
  13. These are some nice specs Is it going to be a build log? If not maybe take some pictures and post it in "Show off your setup" thread
  14. How do you test your RAM OC stability? Any suggestions for the software would be more than appreciated?