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    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T@ 3.5Ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus M4A88T-M
  • RAM
    A-DATA 8 GB(4x2) @1333
  • GPU
    Asus R7 360 2G OC
  • Case
    Asus TA-M1
  • Storage
    Hitachi 7211 1TB
  • PSU
    Fortron 400W
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    1. LG 22M35 2. Samsung Syncmaster 2232BW.
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    CM Hyper 212X
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    Hama urage. just a mouse
  • Sound
    Creative T7100/Panasonic DJS400
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    Windows 10 PRO x64

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  1. Its been almost 2 hours on battery without the driver. i really start to wonder if it is a hardware issue or some weird shiSH with windows/ or dell boatware becsuse it hardly managed 30min on battery recently
  2. No i haven't replaced it. Just checked for any obvious signs of a defective battery like swelling
  3. Hello i have a dell inspiron 13 7373 2in1 laptop. Recently i had terrible battery life and decided the battery needs replacing because it will prompt me for low battery even when it is plugged. Today decided investigate and pulled out the battery looks fine no swelling or any sign of damage. Then unistalled devices under batteries in decice manager while it shoowed 9% left. Its been 1 hour since i left it to play some YT and still going. I have no idea what is wrong.
  4. Alright so i want to buy a pait of headphones for gift. Budget is $100 lower price is welcome ofc. looking for bluetooth ones Must have is 3.5mm Jack they will be used for music not gaming I have looked at Audio-technica ATH-ANC-500BT. And Sony WH-XB700 can you vote for any of those two or recommed another models please.
  5. That is actually pretty close to what i am looking for. many thanks
  6. I want to keep it simple and cheap. that is why i am looking at DIY solution i am just converting my old PC to a media and want to make it look cool because i am moving to a new place
  7. Also check for option in BIOS for plug and play devices. You want it to be set on BIOS to decide for PnP not OS. And other than that if you have fresh install of windows you want to make sure your storage is not set to IDE. I was having trouble with onboard ethernet because hard drive was set on IDE after clearing bios. and had to install it over again after switching to AHCI
  8. Id put my money on RAM. try running it with signe stick on different slots
  9. try cleaning and reseating it. and connect it to the internet mine just needed to download some generic driver through windows update and it just worked after
  10. Almost all phones with OIS camera will rattle the same way. It's a normal thing you should not be worried about it
  11. Well i went that far i did a search but somebody who has done it could be helpful with some tips and tricks
  12. Yeah i am just gathering more ideas for now i have rough understanding on what i should do
  13. Hello i am planning to build a wall mount/display type PC for my new place. Does anybody have guide/log that i can refference ?
  14. Actually i did order a used Corsair Vengeance kit of 2x4 It was $20 And change
  15. Yes i mostly care about the capacity by todays standards i dont think it will be a fast PC just by swapping memory :D