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    Wolly9102 reacted to shoutingsteve in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    How often are you updating?  You should only update the BIOS as a last resort when there is no other solution.  But, I suppose you must be pretty good at it by now, so maybe practice makes perfect.

    To answer  your question: it is probably just because it needs to cool the CPU and all the brains of the board are concentrating on the BIOS update, so there is little processing left for thermal monitoring.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Why do CPU fans start to spin at full speed while doing a bios update?   
    No, it's probably a just in case to stop it from overheating and brickintg the board.
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from ShrimpBrime in Lights on motheboard? What are they?   
    It's called ''ASUS Q-LED''
    (CPU, DRAM, VGA, Boot Device LED)
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from bmx6454 in New Machine not Posting   
    BIOS isn't up to date I think. You can get an bootkit from AMD to update it to the latest version that support the 3600 
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Akolyte in Windows server core ssh problem   
    Have you completed the broad steps in this guide? SSH on Windows Server 2019 - Microsoft Tech Community 
    You may use a different version of Windows, unfortunately I don't know much about Windows but you might have to either:
    Install an openSSH Daemon on your Windows server Allow OpenSSH through the Firewall.  
    Telnet is generally something people use to test if a port is open, you need to ensure that you telnet to port 22 though because that will test the port. Note - do not actually use Telnet for administration, just for testing port connectivity. 
    If it's not open, run netstat on the server by executing the below command within an administrative CMD prompt:
    netstat -p TCP -a -b | findstr "22" That will just filter all the netstat output to show TCP connections for Port 22.  You'll be looking for a line that shows your computer is LISTENING on Port 22. 
    Once you've allowed SSH through the Windows Firewall you should be able to connect via an OpenSSH Client.  
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Teletha in lg cx10 not giving me a 120hz option in windows?   
    thats wierd never thought windows own settings would have it and not the nvidia panel... Thanks now im running 4k@120Hz !  
    also saw the problem in the nvidia panel u have to be on the PC res category apparently and not the ones in the top that has Ultra HD, HD, SD in the category name.
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from Sandro Linux in Is this website safe for bios downgrade?   
    I wouldn't download any driver from anywhere except manufacturer site. Why do you even want to downgrade bios anyway?
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from Parideboy in What do you drive as your daily driver when you're not working on PCs   
    Ford Focus MK2 from 2005 with 161.000 km on the clock. Nothing too fancy but it has all the luxury I need 🙂.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to G3R489 in What do you drive as your daily driver when you're not working on PCs   
    I absolutely love some of the cars on here.
    I have to let the side down with a 2003 Vauxhall Astra, but won’t post a pic so hopefully people will skip over this comment and keep looking at the actually good cars
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from G3R489 in What do you drive as your daily driver when you're not working on PCs   
    Ford Focus MK2 from 2005 with 161.000 km on the clock. Nothing too fancy but it has all the luxury I need 🙂.
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from Moonzy in 20% ram usage at idle   
    Normal behaviour. Windows itself takes 2,5/3 GB
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Mateyyy in Fitting Graphics Card on Mobo   
    That is the heatsink for your motherboard's chipset.
    Why would you need to remove it to install your graphics card?
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    Wolly9102 reacted to jaslion in Is Picasso manufactured on 14 or 12 nm?   
    Zen+ is supposed to be on a 12nm.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Jurrunio in Is Picasso manufactured on 14 or 12 nm?   
    12nm, as it has always been for Zen+
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    Wolly9102 reacted to SupaKomputa in Is Picasso manufactured on 14 or 12 nm?   
    Picasso (ryzen 2000) is 12nm.
    Now if you search for 2400g, that's not zen+, it's actually zen(1) 14nm like ryzen 1000.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Cyracus in Laptop uses both IGPU and DGPU for games?   
    nvidia optimus
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    Wolly9102 reacted to svmlegacy in AMD A4 pro 7300b   
    Piledriver is kinda weird. It's more like a hardware hyperthreading than a true dual core.

    You have 2 integer unit, but only 1 floating point unit in your CPU. Nothing is wrong, just windows is a bit derp.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to LogicalDrm in Unlimited storage   
    *** Thread locked ***
    Abusing trust is never good idea. If you would cause issues, they know who to blame. How does permanent ban from Google sound like?
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    Wolly9102 reacted to ShrimpBrime in DDR5 and AM4   
    Well DDR through the years has used more and more pins each revision. Its 99% likely to be fitted to a new slot design just for that reason alone amung others.....
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    Wolly9102 got a reaction from -rascal- in DDR5 and AM4   
    I don't think DDR5 uses the same slot as DDR4. Also Zen 3 is an AM4 chip but will not support DDR5. That comes with Zen 4 and also uses an new socket. 
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Why don't we see more than 8 cores in phones   
    most smartphone chips are big.LITTLE so there are faster cores, and slower cores, so its not really equal to 8 full cores.
    ALso a lot of tasks just don't scale well to lots of cores still, so there isn't really a point in adding those cores.
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    Wolly9102 reacted to DrMacintosh in Why don't we see more than 8 cores in phones   
    ARM is a much newer and much more efficient architecture. Simply but, phones aren't adding oodles of cores because it would server no purpose. The A13 Bionic is the most powerful SoC available in a phone and it's only a 6 Core design with 4 of those being low power cores for doing regular tasks with the last 2 only firing up if you're playing a game or encoding a video. 

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    Wolly9102 reacted to Applefreak in Why don't we see more than 8 cores in phones   
    The number of cores will depend on the workload you have. Most applications will not utilize more than 2 cores, some have support for more than that but it rarely makes any sense. Also one must differentiate between full ARM cores and mobile cut down ones. Even though Apple's new ARM design is sort of superior in phones, in heavy multi-threaded non phone workloads it is not that great. Modern phone cpus are highly specialized and will work on many different things simultaneously, thus making things snappier for the end user. For example updating websites in the background while other cores are gaming and others are keeping your notifications up to date and others keep handle all the network traffic. I am fairly certain future phones will have more cores if 5G and 4k 240 hz screens will become mainstream in phones. Full ARM core devices already have more than 8 cores and also at much higher clock speeds. I believe the main limitation of cores is power consumption, meaning the inefficiency or limited capacity of lithium batteries without increasing the size of those phones in the end. The reason behind bezel-less devices is not more screen but more space for the battery. Increasing a screen is cheap, building a better battery is much more difficult (see Note 7). 
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    Wolly9102 reacted to porina in Why don't we see more than 8 cores in phones   
    Turn the question around a bit, what would you do if a phone had more cores that you can't do now, or at least not as well?
    This is in part complicated by the different cores as already mentioned, but also there can be dedicated chips which you could also call a fixed function core to help with specific tasks.
    It isn't like in desktops (or laptops) where generally speaking, if you have a multi-thread scaling workload, within a given power budget you can do work more efficiently with more than fewer cores. Up to some point anyway, scaling problems will set in at some point and start to work against you. 
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    Wolly9102 reacted to Zodiark1593 in Why don't we see more than 8 cores in phones   
    Performance gains are being made in per core performance. All else being equal, more performant cores tend to be larger and more power hungry. Adding additional cores will further strain the power budget at the cost of single thread performance (relatively important for mobile workloads), in addition to expanding die size that could be used for other things (like GPU), and complexity of interconnects to connect the cores to the caches and memory interface. 
    While Cortex A53s and A55s are especially small and inexpensive to add, they actually aren’t particularly efficient (performance/watt) nowadays. 
    That said, there are a few mobile Deca-core SoCs out there.