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  1. The 5800x has been on sale for 420ish recently in the US. I'd grab that
  2. A couple updates: I ran 4 or 5 games of Apex and then An hour and a half of AIDS 64 Extreme stability test and it seems okay. Max temp 73 average 69 during the stress test
  3. Bought a second hand 5900x off a guy on facebook marketplace. It was priced at MSRP plus tax, but not suspiciously low or anything. I met the guy at his business, I know who he is, he was not shady, etc. However, to my dismay, 3 of the pins on the bottom left corner of the cpu were bent. It took me 3 or 4 tries to seat it properly. It seems okay so far, I have played a few games of apex, temps are normal, etc. No crashes. How screwed am I? Am I okay?
  4. It’s Fahrenheit. I assume lian li uses add ins that lower the freezing point?
  5. Accidentally left my Lian Li Galahad AIO in my car last night. Lowest temp it got to was 16 degrees. Is it going to be okay? I’ve heard mixed things. Most people seem to think the coolant won’t freeze until -30 or so
  6. I managed to snag a 3070 founders from the Best Buy drop today. Thinking on selling my 3060ti to a buddy of mine for MSRP+case of beer lol. He is wondering the kind of performance gains to expect. I am having a hard time locating those numbers. Everyone is comparing the XT version to the 3060ti. My estimation is the 3060ti is on average maybe around 35 percent?
  7. That’s kind of a weak cooler. What’s your case airflow like? I have a much hotter chip, the 5800x, and I max out at 60c gaming
  8. I’d get a cheap b550 and 3200 16 gigs ram with a 5600x
  9. That’s a kind of weak cooler for that chip
  10. 5600x. I only got the 5800x because it was in stock lol
  11. Yeah my 3060 ti should be fine for awhile
  12. My 3060ti founders is struggling on my 3440x1440 ultra wide 144hz monitor. Can’t reach more than 100-120 FPS in most games. Would a theoretical 3070ti be best? Decided against a 3080 because it only has 10gb vram. Had a 6800 briefly but missed out on DLSS and the drivers were unstable so I sold it. Also had a 3070 lol. But the difference between it and the 3060 was so little I couldn’t justify the price difference lol.