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    Overijssel, The Netherlands
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    student Bachelor Business IT & Management


  • CPU
    i5 6400
  • Motherboard
    MSI b150 pro-vh
  • RAM
    Kingston HyperX Fury 2x8gb DDR4 2133
  • GPU
    Asus GTX970 DCMOC Watercooled
  • Case
    Coolermaster Silencio 352
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB + 500GB
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    Cooler Master B500
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    Asus VG248QE 144hz
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    Alpha cool 240 rad, alphacool gpx970 m07 and alphacool cpu, 3x Noctua NF-P12
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    DasKeyboard professional MX cherry Blue
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    Logitech G900 chaos spectrum
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud II
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    Windows 10 N
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  1. Thank you for the info. I will look into a cheaper startoff point though. I was thinking. When i am going the esxi route. Then i have to have a HBA, so then i dont need 8 sata ports on the mobo right? cant i just configure the sata ports to do passtrough in Esxi? And wouldn't it be better to start off with 4 Disks in z1 raid en then later buy 4 more and do another z1. i think that would be just as efficient in space usage as 8 disks in z2. and i have the option to, if that excists in that time to buy 4 like 6tb or 8tb disks for cheap. And wouldnt a z1 pool be fas
  2. i have thought about it but i have no knowledge of AMD and there architecture. And i really like supermicro and their IPMI capabilities.
  3. i wanted to say that it would be cool to print my company logo on an extremely gynormous mousepad until i read this: '(500 piece minimum order-no setip fees)'
  4. you can just install the OS on the new boot device and set the boot prio in BIOS.
  5. That would be cool for a lanparty where the whole line can game on 1 mousepad.
  6. Hello guys and thank you for reading, TLDR; I want a streambox that can easely transcode (4k) hevc and h264 to multiple clients with plex and do some more. I have a hard take making decisions on buying the best hardware for my needs. I have some wishes i would like to fullfill with a server and i dont know how to configure it. Maybe you would like to join in the debacle. I'll list the functional requirements and maybe you guys can tell me what i do right/wrong. -Hold all my movie collection -Stream, transcode (HEVC 10 bit to be future proof) with
  7. i do know that. but in my case it is more quiet. the aircooler on my gpu made a lot of noice and didnt have a 0rpm mode. my watercooler is big enough so i placed 2 low rpm noctua coolers on it that are more quiet than the stock aircooler and i have reduces the speed of the pump so that i dont hear it anymore.
  8. i did it because i wanted a dead quiet work station when working and light gaming. i did lie a bit. i did overclock it a bit with afterburner but only for one hour and didnt see any effects in real performance so i never tried it again.
  9. i have.. I'll try that.i will first boot without videocard and then restart and try reseating the gpu and try again.
  10. i never OC anything. it was working when i shut down the pc. when i started back up, it didnt work on displayport. any other port works..
  11. i dont have another gpu laying around. I did however isolate some things. I did update the drivers to the latets one from 2 days ago. Didnt work. did the reinstall with ddu. didnt work. Did plug the displayport cable in another computer. that did work. so cable isnt the problem ( that cant be. i shut the computer down no problem and after a reboot it broke??) so i dont have a clue. I have a watercooled block. so i cant 'just return it for warrenty'.. the block is still working. pump is fine. never overheated. never spilled water.
  12. if you can spend the money, This is the best one. GLOBAL CONCORDE PRESIDENTIAL CHAIR
  13. Hello fellow friends, i have a GTX970 connected by displayport to a asus 248qe 144hz monitor. 2 days ago, i shut my computer down with no errors or some strange updates or whatever. When i started my computer back up yesterday, my monitor showed a very strange blocky image like the resolution was 800x600 or something. When i got to displaysettings i saw that my resolution supposedly should me 1080. when i put the resolution 1 step down, my screen went black and never came back up again. I restarted my pc by pushing the on/off button twice and still, no BIOS screen, no not
  14. i have the same problem on a asus 970. i put black tape on it. And yes they are on even when the computer is turned off. Not even functional at all.
  15. where is the doom multiplayer? is that not included in the game?