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  1. At least <15", preferably 14". Weight doesn't really matter. I'll probably bite the bullet on the Acer Swift 3. Is the screen really as dim as people make it out to be?
  2. My school hands out crappy $80 chromebooks, and they're starting to get on my nerves. I'm also a member of my school's robotics team (we do FRC) and the laptop we use is a garbo $100 laptop as well (2 gb ram AFAIK). I'm looking for something to replace both, preferably around $700-800. I won't be doing any heavy gaming on this; mostly just programming in Java. I might also do some light CAD work if we need to mill out any parts. I'll also be doing schoolwork (mostly just Google Docs) for around 6-7 hrs a day, so good battery life would be nice. I'm looking at the Acer S
  3. I'm planning to buy a 500 GB SSD (upgrade from 256 GB because I'm running out of space), preferably under or close to $200. Any recommendations? I'm thinking about this one. Also, do M.2 SSDs provide a noticeable benefit over SATA SSDs? It's been a while, sorry
  4. EDIT: friend joked about Microsoft Word he might be using something like Blender at the very most
  5. His budget (I assume) is $500. The most he'll probably do is run programs like Blender/etc CGI stuffs on it. Is a generic, run-of-the-mill laptop fine? Or are there any specific models that are best? Sorry, I'm used to making desktops >_<
  6. Just anything for novelty. No headphones, mice, etc. I'm already satisfied with my build Sorry for not listing what I have, I assumed that anything under $75 that went towards PC building wouldn't be that useful except for mice and keyboards and SSDs Here's my build (roughly, I'm sure I cut corners in some areas) https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BNX3nn
  7. I got an amazon gift card as a gift, what cool tech should I get? Like, for novelty? Something useless but cool to have on my desk?
  8. Did it, these things are awesome I expected it to sound thin, but not at all. I tested it with a song I specifically knew was bass heavy and it blew me away. Some songs do sound a bit odd though. Most songs transferred fine but songs by Billain sound a little muffled. I'm probably just not used to the sound signature, the effect goes away if you listen to it for a minute or two like usual. It is a bit annoying though Otherwise, no regrets
  9. Sennheiser HD 558s are going for $100 nearby me should I just bite the bullet
  10. I looked at the sound demos for the ATH-M40X and the Sennheiser HD 558. The Sennheiser seemed more rich while the ATH-M40X sounded a bit more tinny. Is this because of the way he recorded the audio?
  11. I live in a pretty small town, I looked up the model on Best Buy and they don't have it in stock, so I'm guessing there's none on display...
  12. I did more research and people's opinions about the bass seem to vary, some find it excessive, some find it lacking. I can't decide ;-;
  13. Looks cool but it's $20 more. I could probably get it but my funding is mostly from birthday money and allowance lol
  14. I listen to a lot of electronic music. I've been looking at the ATH-M40x but reviews say that they're sort of flat and although they're super clear some might find the bass to be lacking. Most of the other options seem out of reach. I've looked at the Sennheiser Momentum 2 (on-ear) as well but it seems like the same thing, plus it's ~$20 over my budget. Unfortunately I think it's the only high quality headphone(s???) available near me. Even though I listen to electronic music, it's mostly like (VVVVVV) where detail matters. I want to hear every single aspect of the song
  15. RIP I was planning to clean out my computer in a few days anyways, I'll check then. Thanks though
  16. This is probably the 2nd or 3rd time I've posted this, sorry ;~; While playing a video both of the browsers mentioned sometimes crash spontaneously. I've noticed this happens most often while the video is loading. It might just be because they're ram hogs. Any solutions?
  17. I tested it out on Vivaldi and Chrome. Both don't play the video until you activate the tab. On Firefox the tab is already loaded and the audio starts playing. I think it's why it's causing YouTube videos to buffer. Not sure though. Or maybe Vivaldi and Chrome are just RAM hogs.
  18. I find that YouTube buffers if I leave it on. EDIT: like how if you open a new tab without selecting it it doesn't load the content until you select it
  19. The Chrome install was just a few minutes ago. Ok I'll try and look out for that the next time they crash