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  1. thanks for the thumbs up bro it really means a lot to have support!

  2. I would like to win the Blade 14 only because I am not able to afford a laptop for my college... living in Ontario is hard because of the Canadian pesos... Since I'm also a visually impaired student who is not able to afford a laptop to help him see his school work (IT and programming) It would really mean a lot winning the Blade 14... the Stealth has too high of a resolution for my eyes which makes them hurt after long hours of working and developing entry level games... I've fallowed you guys for a long time and have spread the word as wide and as far as I possibly could... currently I'm usi
  3. HAY guys I would like to win either the keyboard or the mouse. Reason being? well my childhood friends birthday is coming up and I really want to give him the gift to remember.... however my financial problems are getting in the way of that it would be AMAZING if you guys can help me out I'll even send a video of his expression for you guys!!!!