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    Duduix reacted to Deli in upgrade to 1080 but which one?   
    I really hate this word. There are too many people in the graphics card forum asking "Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU?"
    He has a 60Hz 1080p monitor. Even a 1060 is enough to achieve constant 60FPS+. a GTX1080 won't give him extra performance.
  2. Agree
    Duduix got a reaction from MoonlightSylv in Help with my processor, idk   
    Who is "they" who said an i5 6500 is "very bad".  For gaming especially an i5 6500 is fine.
  3. Agree
    Duduix got a reaction from Prokart2000 in Water cooler   
    It doesn't exactly make sense to pair an fx cpu with water cooling.  An i5 on air would be preferable. 
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    Duduix got a reaction from maria2244 in which game has the best story ?in your opnion ?   
    I say Firewatch.
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    Duduix reacted to greaves1111 in Amazon has betrayed me! Grrrrr...   
    If 4 bucks is going to break the bank, just wait 1 more day and play it on day 2?
  6. Informative
    Duduix got a reaction from Watson in Quick question about upgrading   
    A GTX 1070 should be able to run 1440p quite well.  If you don't want to spend more money go for an r9 480(approximately 200$) for 1080p/potential 1440p.  The rest of your build looks good. 
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    Duduix got a reaction from HPWebcamAble in Some question   
    Price divided by performince.
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    Duduix got a reaction from Karmek in A temporary solution for Intel HD Graphics   
    A 750 ti would coast about 100$ and should be able to play 1080p at decent settings.