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    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H
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    8GB HyperX DDR4-2133
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    Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX 480
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    LG 22MK430H 1080p75Hz FreeSync Display
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    Lingbao Jiguanshi Mechanical Keyboard (w/Blue Switches)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB
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    LG Z200 Stereo Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. I ended up doing the second suggestion. Didn't work. So then I just rolled back Windows to 1809 like @Saksham suggested and it's working again. Per your suggestion, I will wait until either Microsoft or Gigabyte release a fix. Additionally, one of Gigabyte's technical support staff confirmed that this was a known issue and insisted that it was a problem with Windows and not their motherboard BIOS.
  2. 1. Yes. That was the first thing I checked. 2. A Seagate 480GB SSD. Not sure of the model name because I am not the original owner -- I took it out of an upgraded laptop I bought used from eBay. However, considering the fact that I'm currently on said computer, the hardware side of things is pretty much guaranteed to NOT be the problem. It's software related. Please note an edit that I made to my post: I hope this new information helps in some way.
  3. Hey y'all. A few hours ago I finished updating to 1903. Now, every time I start up my computer, the BIOS gives me an error message to the effect of "boot drive not detected, insert valid boot drive and restart." I have tried updating my BIOS, but the manufacturer, Gigabyte, has only updated their BIOS to support up to version 1809. Do you guys think that this is the cause of my boot drive issues? If so, I've attached a screenshot of the Control Panel Uninstall Update page. Which of these updates is the one I need to uninstall? The only way I've been able to
  4. https://www.skhynix.com/products.view.do?vseq=1552&cseq=75 That is my RAM. It says that it is unbuffered. The description literally says "These Unbuffered SDRAM DIMMs are intended for use as main memory when installed in systems such as PCs and workstations." Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  5. Sure. Sorry I didn't before. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-H110M-A-rev-10
  6. Heya there folks, My stupid ass accidentally bought a stick of DDR4-ECC (4G, 2133 MHz) off of eBay instead of DDR4 non-ECC. I am unsure if the stick even works, but the fact that it was in its original package indicates to me that it most likely does. After updating my motherboard (or rather, my mother's, as I am building this for her), I stuck in my RAM, only to receive a boot loop to the face. The system turns on, the fans spin for a bit, and then it shuts off and does it all over again. It had done this prior to the BIOS update so I was not surprised. This mobo works
  7. Yes. Overwatch plays at a solid 75fps on 1080p Epic settings. Not Ultra, Epic. CS:GO is...unstable at times, but usually performs beautifully. So, after snooping around some more, taking your suggestion into mind, I found this thread on /r/AMD. Now, this probably should have occurred to me, but my stupid ass didn't think about the difference between Intel and AMD's CPUs -- while AMD crushes in multi-threaded, in single-threaded Intel is superior. Well, turns out, it was probably caused by two issues: A: "Ryzen + Windows power management don't work well together for Java
  8. Ryzen 2200G. When I had my GTX 950 in here it ran silky smooth. But now it sucks. And considering that Minecraft is more CPU-bound than GPU-bound, it should be performing similarly. There's also this benchmark of a CPU I personally had that could easily shoot up to the 90s or above with my GTX 950, which the 2200G surpasses by about 15%, and here's what the benchmarker had to say about AMD GPUs and Minecraft: "I have installed optifine and tried to make a new Minecraft video. But unfortunatly I've come to a conclusion: AMD hardware runs very bad on Java games. Even with optifine, I
  9. TL;DR: AMD OpenGL sucks, any way to run an NVIDIA GPU in the same system and have that run my OpenGL games, with or without a second monitor? Hello everyone! I recently purchased an HP AMD OEM RX 480 off of eBay for $112. Sick deal, right? Well, I have a very specific few games that I play -- the list is slowly expanding, but right now my main games are CS:GO, Destiny 2, and...Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft. I play it with my two little siblings, who I hope will turn into true PC Gamers as the years go on. Anywho, I slotted in my RX 480, installed AMD's Radeon So
  10. I got it from my local micro center for $25 refurbed. For $5 more I could get a significantly better one. Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks for the feedback. And no, I'm not in bed yet. Sleep's not a word in my vocabulary.
  11. Hey LTT fam, The issue is in the title. I have a new PSU (Thermaltake TR2 430W) which I'd honestly rather not replace that has no fan header. What do y'all think I should do? I'm about to go to bed so I will respond to your responses in like 8-10 hours. Thanks in advance! yb4
  12. Thank you for the suggestion! Unfortunately, it didn't work. Any other ideas?
  13. I built my sister a computer two years back using some old parts along with some new ones. It's running the sample version of Windows 10, 64-bit. System Specs: Intel Pentium G4400 120GB Sandisk Solid State Drive Gigabyte H110N Motherboard NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 (used, 4 years old) 8GB of Kingston HyperX DDR4 RAM 280W PSU (used, four years old) IDK about BIOS -- unfortunately, I can't update it even if they is an update, as the computer literally won't turn on. Background information: Did some routine dusting. cleaned ou
  14. I'm pretty sure the title says it all. But please, leave your comments/reasons below! TBH, they're more important than the vote. Thanks for your help! yb4zombeez