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  1. Im also on the network Three in the UK
  2. Thanks Aniallation. The nexus 6 is far to large for me and way out of my price range so please take this into consideration on future responses
  3. Wouldn't mind that however its not in the UK along with I think the camera megapixel is far to shy on the one m8 for my liking
  4. Hi all. I have a phone upgrade coming up soon and don't know what to do :blink: I currently have a HTC 8x (windows phone) and love it but its time to upgrade. I was originally looking at the nokia Lumia 930 but the network three doesn't do the phone on contract so started to look at the LG G3 which in is £33 a month. however now the price of it has dropped to buy it out right and Sim free, so is cheaper in the long run to buy it then pay £15 a month on a sim only plan. But after thinking of the sim only plan I released I can do it with the Nokia Lumia 930 which is even cheaper
  5. Hi all, this is my current spec pc and would like some advice on upgrading my cpu or gpu. : 12Gb DDR3 1333Mhz, Foxconn H55M-S motherboard Intel Core i5 760 quad core (2.8ghz) GIGABYTE GTX 560Ti i can only really afford one or the other in this situation, but should i: Upgrade my CPU to a newer gen i5 Upgrade my GPU to a 7970 any help would be appreciated :-)
  6. get 4x2gb (2 lots of the 2x2gb xms stuff is only £50 rather then £60)
  7. Getting close to the top end of your budget but i think the manufactures are reliable and got some good components in here... http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1IENE Edit** get 6300 its £3-5 more
  8. the only thing is doesn't hot air rise meaning the air drawn in from the top will be hotter?
  9. was just curious case i was thinking that but the corsair demo man, when he was demonstrating the h60 said he has it sucking cold air in (http://www.ebuyer.com/411328-corsair-hydro-series-h60-2013-model-high-performance-liquid-cpu-cooler-cw-9060007-ww)
  10. hello, i am looking on some support on how to cool my case. the image shows my case and how i plan to cool it, but im not sure this is the best way. i currently have: 1*120mm intake from the front 1*140mm noctua fan in-taking from the side panel PSU/GPU outputting in the back 2*140mm at the top of the case drawing air out as heat rises and a corsair h60 that will soon be put in, which im not sure to have in-taking fresh air into the radiator from the back then having the hot air taken out from the top or have it so the hot air is just pushed out of the radiator out of the back
  11. I have taken your advice in consideration and would like to know your verdict on whether doing this is a good idea as it is feasible for me http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/1esIw meaning i will have a 7970, 250gb ssd 16gb of ram and an I5 then start saving for my next brand new build?
  12. ermm don't really want to go above £350 for GPU alone but budget on otherthings i would say mid-high range budget but nothing OTT like titan and 2011 socket stuff
  13. i want something that will max battlefield 4 out as my aim cause its probably the game i play most of so i was looking at the 7970/ nvidia 770 region for a GPU
  14. Hello I'm seeking advice on what to do in the current situation: i currently have a PC with the following specs: GA-Z77-D3H I5 3450 8GB 1600Mhz Vengeance RAM gainward GTX 560se 500gb Sata II HDD 1TB Sata III HDD NZXT 410 Phantom case 600w 80+ PSU and plan to upgrade the GPU soon to a amd 8000/ nvidia 700 series card, but other than that i would like to know whether its worth me slowly keep on upgrading the PC or start saving and start from scratch and build a beasty computer within the next year or two. What would you recommend?