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  1. Whoops, just realized my video was a bit off-topic from what you were talking about, I apologize.
  2. I watched this a while back, hope it helps!
  3. Hello LTT community, I have an odd project I want to do where I can set up temporary game servers (and discord bots), but I have yet to see a software solution to remotely start/stop applications outside of the network without remote desktop. What I mostly want to do is give trusted people the ability to start/stop applications on my PC remotely without the use of Remote Desktop. Does anyone know of any way to do this without Remote Desktop? Thanks in advance, LonkFromPA
  4. I currently have the origianal blue CM STORM DEVASTATOR combo, my headset is one of those cheapo Logitech ones you see at Best Buy (I can't remember the model)
  5. I have a GTX 960, I would like a newer AMD card for VR though
  6. This looks like a very good projector, it would be nice to have in a home theater setup
  7. I am using the CM Storm Devastator Keyboard that I got from a $20 Mouse/Keyboard Combo I would like a new keyboard because my current one seems to be reaching its end with the wire stripping near the end. Also, My current doesn't have mechanical switches, and I have used Cherry MX Blue switches before, and I was in heaven, I know that this keyboard doesn't specify that it has Cherry switches, but it would still give me better tactile feedback and a greater typing experience than my current keyboard. And my current keyboard doesn't have full RGB lighting.
  8. I would like the Excalibur v2 keyboard because I have never had a mechanical keyboard, and would love to feel those Brown Switches when playing games like CS:GO, PAYDAY 2, and Team Fortress 2