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  1. I would label that as negligence, not failure to wear anti-static rubbish.
  2. Yes, but claiming that you can confirm something does not add any validity or confirmation. The entire concept of confirmation is showing the source, not by claiming it's true and giving no real evidence.
  3. That's some serious gpu sag you have going on there. Has it affected the pci-e lane itself or is it just pcb-flex on the gpu?
  4. You bought the wrong thing then, you get what you pay for, stick to the brand names. If I had to use corded drills I would never be able to work from a boom-lift or scissor lift unless I was less than 10m from the ground. @sotiris.bos To drill concrete, bricks or other stone product you will need a hammer-drill. To insert/remove screws you will need an impact gun, these you can kind of get away with using a cheap one, but if you're going to be doing work outside of hobby use you will want to pay for the more expensive drill. For many things in life there is little difference between e
  5. Would be a shame if people had a hex editor and decided to change the fps, wouldn't it?
  6. Well, we're westies in Melbourne. Abbott gets more than Obama, what the hell's going on here.
  7. Unionised jobs; easily. My brother pocketed $75k as a 16 year old 1st year sparky, and it close to doubled for his second year, not to mention third and fourth.
  8. 2700k cpus are amazing overclockers.
  9. To be fair travelling via aeroplane is going forward into the future, though so unnoticeable it had to be proven using atomic clocks. Here is the wikipedia page, take from it what you will.
  10. Naturally formed nuclear reactions existed long before humans could harness them. Some French scientists found one in Africa.
  11. Yes but the Russian and Czech sites use stolen credit cards and steam remove the game from your library a week or two later and give you an email explaining what happened.
  12. Well that's bullshit. Of course you can mod a psu, I assume he said that so that people don't go opening their psu while it's plugged in, licking a capacitor or something. The stupidity of some people should never be underestimated and as such it's easier to tell people who were previously not thinking about modding their psu to not try it anyway. Just keep a clamp tester and a multimeter handy and make sure you've earthed it and unplugged it first and then if you're confident in what you're doing you can have a go at modding it. Plenty of people replace their psu fans with better quality
  13. lukeptba

    Wtf NCIX? lol

    Yet you've failed to present a reason why.