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    I7 7700K
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    Maximus IX Formula
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    32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 3000 MHz
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    Dual 1080Tis
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    Custom built Green Machine
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    250Gb 960 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD
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    34" ASUS PG348Q
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    Hyper X Cloud revolver
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  1. 21:9 all the things.. best resolution ever. also it may be my browser, but i feel like it lacks fps in some of the shots. 20 minutes runtime is a joke, why even bother putting a battery in it
  2. check power and datacable connections to hard drive
  3. If i ever received a CPU purchased as new in a cpu box with a broken seal i would return it asap, new shit=unbroken seal, Broken seal=immediate return no point in inspecting it, also its quite a risk to unbend cpu pins, if they break its your own fault.
  4. Thats reference style for ya, only get reference if you plan on watercooling
  5. Thats looks more like a GTS 450. What GTX 960 has a VGA port on it?
  6. did you let it heat up to room temp before you plugged it in? it could be condensation or it might be the same problems these people were having:
  7. loop recording means that when the SD card is full it will overwrite the oldest footage with the new stuff being recorded. 1, 3 and 5 minutes is probably the length of each segment. instead of recording everything in one clip it creates many small video sequences. When i had a dash cam, i had it set to loop recording, its the only way to go. fire and forget, just remember to pull the video from the SD if you happen to need it before it get deleted/overwritten
  8. isnt there a setting that makes it bootable when you clone? I used Easeus to clone my laptop and it worked.
  9. How large is the old C drive that you are trying to clone?
  10. That sounds normal, though that sound is horrible, but it use to be worse, these were nerve wrecking
  11. I put 50 USD in bitcoin a while ago, probably worth about 10 USD at this point, i did not do this as an investment but as a means to be able to pay with bitcoin because the idea and concept as a whole is to me, a great idea. It volatility however has made it completely utterly useless as a form of payment, as the whole idea with a payment is that what its worth today, will be about the same tomorrow. Let that fucker crash and stabilize so we can use it as a currency again. As for the rest of the stock market, its "trumpism" IMO. A trade war is never good for the economy, to much uncertai
  12. if you bought it new i would return it and not fiddle with it myself.
  13. If a pin with voltage touches a pad on the cpu it shouldn't then yes, its a possibility so make sure all pins are where they should be, use a magnifying glass if you have to. Did it arrive in this condition or did you mess it up yourself?