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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep an eye on these as Black Friday nears.
  2. Hey all! I'm just looking to purchase a mid-range android phone. Right now, I'm considering the Pixel 4a or Samsung A51 for about $350. Additionally, I saw that there the Motorola Moto G 5G+ which seems to be a great option but does not appear to have a US version (yet): https://www.amazon.co.uk/Motorola-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-battery-Android/dp/B08CGXF9V7/ Nice to haves: Good battery Good Performance (Gaming performance would be good as well, but not required) High refresh rate screen (>60hz) Headphone Jack Couldn't care less:
  3. I'm in a similar boat. I found the Moto G8+ found here: https://www.amazon.com/Moto-Plus-Unlocked-International-Camera/dp/B082WNRSPY/ It is NOT Verizon compatible, but maybe there is a Verizon-compatible version? Sorry, I'm no cell expert. I just figured a lead is better than nothing at all haha
  4. Haha, if only I had the cash for both. Is the 33% extra price really worth the continued driver support with the virtually identical performance? Is the 1440p performance that much better on the 2060S with 2GB less RAM?
  5. I have offers from two (generous) friends for a $150 1080 or a $200 2060 Super. I have a 144 hz 1440p IPS monitor and a 3600. My current GPU is a 1050 Ti. Any thoughts on upgrade path?
  6. Thank you for your input! I decided to go with the Ion+ as I realized that the AMP was on back-order unless I wanted to pay a $7 premium at another vendor.
  7. Good point! I was hoping that this would serve as a solid PSU for many years to come.
  8. As the title suggests, I am curious what everyone's take is on both of these PSU's. $100 for the 560W Fractal Design Ion+ OR $90 for the 550W Phanteks AMP I am not running a very high-end system at the moment (Only a 3600 and a 1050 Ti) but I plan on upgrading to a mid-high end GPU when Nvidia's 3000 series launches (whenever that may be). On the PSU Tier list, both of these PSU's are listed as A-Tier, Gold. I would actually prefer to go for a lower-end PSU on the tier list that could still accommodate but the best deal I can find is on the EVGA BQ 650W
  9. I'd wager it was getting the battery out for 10 minutes. Unless the RAM was.... EXTREMELY dirty (which would be weird for new RAM), I find it very hard to imagine the card wasn't making full contact. PS. I keep liquids away from my PC components if at all possible and try to clean everything while 100% dry. I'm not experienced enough to know what liquid does or doesn't hurt what component so I just stay away from it altogether and would suggest most to do the same. *shrugs* But what do I know?
  10. Try each stick of RAM on it's own, as the others have said.
  11. Isn't the Aorus Elite usually $160? $20 difference b/w it and the A Pro Also, the lack of extra SATA ports for me just means I'd have to buy a PCIe SATA card for the two extra drives. Not a big deal, but in combination it's significant (for me, anyway). Nice catch!
  12. As the title says, I'm not very experienced in motherboard lineups but for the life of me these seem like the same board, except they're charging $10 for a pre-installed IO shield. Is there something I'm missing? MPG Gaming Plus: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MPG-B550-GAMING-PLUS A Pro: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/B550-A-PRO
  13. Looks like the timing of this post was rather comical. Stocks were resupplied on Newegg and the P300A is available again mere hours after the OP (or maybe the Universe responded to my question amiably)
  14. Hello all, I have recently purchased a 3600 and B550 mobo. After doing some digging, I stumbled across GamersNexus' review of the P300A and was quite impressed by the overall price ($60 MSRP) to performance of that case but am unable to find it in stock anywhere for the last couple weeks. I am most concerned with thermal performance and ease of maintenance, with a smaller case being a good (but secondary) plus. I originally wanted to go with a mATX build but the supply shortages on B550 motherboards made that virtually impossible unless I wanted to compromise on features, so I ende