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    pas008 reacted to MageTank in MSI is screwing people who preordered a MSI rtx 3080 gaming trio 10G and Gaming X Trio 10G   
    Where are you getting this from? You absolutely can and it happens all the time in the retail world. Prices are always subject to change, both for the better (lower prices) or for the worse (higher prices). MSRP is a suggestion, the name implies as such, and they are free to price beyond that as they see fit. MSI also isn't obligated to produce cards to fulfil a preorder promised by a third party retailer. When orders such as these are placed, they commit to a specific amount of cards and that is all they are obligated to produce. If a retailer cannot fulfil pre-orders under that commitment, they over-promised customers under the assumption they were going to be able to order more, or too much of their stock went into exchange/RMA and they fell short.
    Now pre-ordering is a bit different, that constitutes an agreement. If you pre-order something at a given price, it can't be raised on you after the fact. If they cannot fulfil the obligation, they may cancel the pre-order and offer a full refund, but that is the extent of it. Whether that constitutes false advertisement depends on the terms of the agreement and whether it was disclosed that the item under pre-order may not be procured and orders are subject to cancellation in such an event.
    You are aware that MSI does most of their manufacturing in their Shenzhen plant, right? That's located in China, my friend. If companies could circumvent the tariffs simply by shipping their exported goods from a dummy location in Taiwan, this "trade war" would have been pretty easy to ignore. The location of your headquarters doesn't dictate where your goods are produced and what tariffs you may be subject to as a result. Plenty of companies headquartered here in the US with plants in China that are subject to these tariffs. 
    I am not defending MSI's practices overall as a company, they won't be getting a dime of mine anytime soon, but your being unusually unreasonable in this thread. Don't let your feelings and opinions blind you of objectivity, the facts are pretty straight forward here.
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    pas008 reacted to Brooksie359 in MSI is screwing people who preordered a MSI rtx 3080 gaming trio 10G and Gaming X Trio 10G   
    Supply and demand. Not much you can really do when the market conditions make pricing higher the logical thing to do from a business perspective.
  3. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Moonzy in MSI is screwing people who preordered a MSI rtx 3080 gaming trio 10G and Gaming X Trio 10G   
    How are they wrong to change a price of their product? I don't understand
    Retailers promises consumers a price and took their money, MSI didn't
    Consumers should be angry at retailers for promising something they can't deliver, I can't see why manufacturers have to be dragged into this mess
    MSI have all the right to launch and discontinue a product, unless they promised retailers a certain delivery they haven't fulfilled yet
    So are companies not allowed to maximize profits now?
    Why are people suddenly against companies making profits now? I don't understand it, if you don't like it, get your own sand and make your own GPU
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    pas008 reacted to HenrySalayne in DAC+AMP suggestion for ATH-M50x   
    The ATH-M50x is easy to drive and doesn't need anything special. A Behringer UMC202HD would be a decent choice.
  5. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Mark Kaine in GameStop selling hardware now?!   
    They're probably banking on buying up used GPUs for cents and selling them at or above MSRP.
    It could probably work.
  6. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Moonzy in AMD refuses to set handicap on any workload   
    His hardware, his choices
    He may think that gaming more than offsets the value of his GPU and having downtime from a system that's potentially broken by mining isn't worth it.
    Side note:
    I hate people force/shame people into doing mining
    If they don't wanna do it, that's their choice, don't force your lifestyle/standards onto them.
    Educate them and let them make their own decisions
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    pas008 reacted to Dietrichw in AMD refuses to set handicap on any workload   
    I approve of this standpoint. The problem for me wasn't miners using graphics cards to mine, it is miners having special access to the supply chain that allows them to buy a pallet of matching GPU for mining. If someone obtains a GPU through retailers as a normal customer I don't care how they use the product.
  8. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Tristerin in AYA NEO Smashes Crowdfunding Goals. Is this the future of PC gaming?   
    It will sell to target audiences, I am not that target.
    Unless it can do all the things a laptop can...then I might consider it.
  9. Agree
    pas008 got a reaction from dizmo in Another generation of gamer phones - Nubia Red magic 6 / Pro announced   
    yet alone care about updates
    i dont think I know anyone in the real world that even has talked about os updates/etc
    only thing I know is they hate it automatically doing it
  10. Informative
    pas008 reacted to wkdpaul in Microsoft’s Power Automate Desktop is now free   
    Microsoft announced that it is making Power Automate Desktop, its enterprise-level tool for creating automated desktop-centric workflows, available to all Windows 10 users for free. 
    My thoughts
    That could be useful for some users stuck doing repetitive tasks, I'm probably going to have a look at it now that it's free and see what it's all about and if it can be useful for me, and if I find any utility to it, I might look at what uses it can have at work.
  11. Like
    pas008 got a reaction from RoseLuck462 in ChromeOS surpasses MacOS/OSX market share. Now second most used OS in the PC space.   
    this sounds about right
    home schooling with drunken teachers I mean parents
    but I kinda like the one my daughter has for school and they have it set up so she cant just screw it up with downloads/etc for most part
    compared to her windows minecraft laptop that I have to constantly check on lol
  12. Funny
    pas008 got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in ChromeOS surpasses MacOS/OSX market share. Now second most used OS in the PC space.   
    this sounds about right
    home schooling with drunken teachers I mean parents
    but I kinda like the one my daughter has for school and they have it set up so she cant just screw it up with downloads/etc for most part
    compared to her windows minecraft laptop that I have to constantly check on lol
  13. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Lurick in Canada to follow Australia's lead in taxing Facebook for news links, gov't says they won't be intimidated by Facebook's threats   
    That's not whats happening. They are literally demanding these companies pay them money for linking to them to drive traffic to their sites. They want money for doing nothing. It would be like me charging google maps to provide directions to my business.
  14. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Blademaster91 in NVIDIA releases CMP lineup and reduces hashing rates on GeForce cards   
    I doubt a hardware block could be placed without it affecting performance for video rendering or machine learning tasks. I don't like that miners are buying up GPU's but locking down cards is definitely a bad thing to do, I can totally understand someone using the GPU to mine on when they aren't gaming, and Nvidia telling them they can't really sucks.
    Also Nvidia splitting mining cards into another segment makes no sense at all when there is already a semiconductor shortage, Nvidia doesn't care what their cards are used for money is money to them.
  15. Funny
    pas008 got a reaction from Hakemon in Qualcomm Opposes Nvidia's Acquisition of Arm as Deal Comes Under Increasing Scrutiny   
    ok they have a license
    big deal they can renew
    "Qualcomm is building a case to suggest that the only way Nvidia can make the acquisition profitable will be to gatekeep Arm's technology."
    isnt arm allowed to be profitable ?
    isnt that what all acquisitions are pretty much lol?
    does qualcomm honor their ip licensees from acquisitions?
  16. Agree
    pas008 got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in Valve losses Steam controller patent lawsuit.   
    this is just ridiculous
    this makes me wonder what patents are on keyboards/mice button locations and how many buttons
    or even the location of a power/reset/etc button on a computer case or smart phone or laptop  lol
  17. Funny
    pas008 reacted to D13H4RD in Valve losses Steam controller patent lawsuit.   
    If you think this patent is dumb.
    Remember that rounded corners and "slide to unlock" are patented as well
  18. Agree
    pas008 reacted to WereCat in Valve losses Steam controller patent lawsuit.   
    Patents like this shouldn't exist in the first place. 
  19. Agree
    pas008 reacted to leadeater in Intel Iris Xe video cards now shipping to OEMs, DG1 lands in desktops   
    Keep in mind that while it may have the same core configuration as iGPUs in Intel CPU products it will have a higher power limit so will perform better, so even if it were paired with an Intel CPU with the same iGPU core it'll have greater performance. Also they have dedicated VRAM and higher effective bandwidth so that'll also increase performance.
    Very much looking forward to reviews of these, no matter how underwhelming the raw performance they might have it'll be damn interesting to see.
  20. Agree
    pas008 reacted to wkdpaul in Cryptocurrency Mining Blamed For Electricity Outages in Iran   
    Could you please stop being disingenuous? It's getting rather old and annoying. What he was OBVIOUSLY asking about ;
    As the article said, and others have mentioned (me included) ; there were 1600 mining farms found by the authorities, so there's an obvious issue in Iran specifically. Iran is regulating mining farms, and it seems a LOT of people are mining illegally. That specific issue is a separate one for cryptocurencies themselves. If they would make more money by throwing sand in the ocean, then that's what they would be doing instead of mining.
    Now, can we have an honest discussion, or are you going to claim a blackout will erase someone's crypto wallet again?
  21. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Arika S in From 2H2021 TSMC will be producing Intel CPUs on 5nm (and beyond)   
    great....now that means TSMC controls pretty much all desktop grade CPU manufacturing...that's not good.
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    pas008 reacted to LAwLz in Intel Replaces Bob Swan with VMWare’s Pat Gelsinger   
    I don't get why people think having a technical background makes you better to run a company. 
    It's not the CEO that comes up with new products or develops them. 
    Paul Otellini had no technical background but ran Intel when they became the dominant player and launched things like the first i3, i5 and i7 lineups. 
    Their previous CEO, Brian Krzanich, was an engineer and he ran Intel from when they were at top (took over after Sandy Bridge) to when AMD knocked Intel out with zen and zen2. 
    Remember, Bob Swan has only been the Intel CEO for like a year and a half or something like that. 
  23. Agree
    pas008 reacted to tim0901 in Intel Core i9-11900(k) + i7-11700(k/kf) 8c16t Rocket Lake Desktop CPU Benchmarks and Pricing Leaked: (Update #8)   
    And all this with intel still being a process node behind. AMD is killing it rn, but the fact that Intel is still competitive with a 6 year old node is bloody impressive.
    That being said, I'm thinking this generation of Intel chips could well be a poor buy in the long run. If Alder Lake is still due to arrive at the end of the year with a new node and a new architecture (Gracemont Cove, the successor to Willow Cove, which itself was the successor to the Sunny Cove that has been backported for Rocket Lake), then Rocket lake could end up aging rather quickly (although it's probably still a better buy than Kaby Lake).
  24. Agree
    pas008 reacted to DrMacintosh in A report that Apple has apparently secured 80% of TSMCs 5nm production throughout 2021 emerges   
    Isn't this business as usual? Mobile partners have always taken up the majority of this business. 
  25. Agree
    pas008 reacted to Dracarris in A report that Apple has apparently secured 80% of TSMCs 5nm production throughout 2021 emerges   
    You make a gross misconception here. Apple is planing for the future, for M1-successors. If they continue their ARM path the way they started it, they will sell tons and tons of M1-successor chips, and they occupy much more wafer area than the mobile brothers.
    They are not a strain, their volume is huge since they are in so many devices, not only phones but also tables. Putting it all together Apple will need a crapload of 5nm silicon next year. And if Covid showed us anything so far, it is a vastly increased demand for consumer electronics, not a decline at all.