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  1. Ah, my other thought was to put it towards a car, maybe that'll bring me more joy
  2. I know of floating point from my CompSci A level, but what does it affect in the world of PC's? I know man, being able to tell girls at the bar my pc has a Titan in it is drawing me, plus they have better watercooling support which is something I intend to do. Having not started the course yet I have no idea if I'll use the VRAM, and I dont have a 4k monitor and I dont think I'll be getting one soon, but I do hope to edit 4k video.
  3. Ah, thanks What kind of Quadro would I be looking at for £400? I'm perfectly happy with second hand
  4. Budget (including currency): ~£400 Country: England Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming (Arma 3, rust, gta, minecraft) and Adobe Premier Pro rendering (moving onto 4k video) as well as some CAD in solidworks Rig: Ryzen 5 2600 (might be upgrading to a 3600) Corsair cx650f corsair vengance 32gb oc'd to 3200 GTX 970 strix The plan: I'm going to uni this september to study Areospace engineering and some of the modules involve CAD simulations. My original plan was to try and get a gigabyte 3060ti if it ever came in stock
  5. Ahh, that can cause funky issues. Back up your stuff, wipe the boot drive, unplug all other drives and then resinstall windows
  6. Try loading the windows media creation tool onto a USB stick and plug that in and switch it on, it should give you the option to repair windows which might help
  7. Could be a few things but my main thought is your windows reinstallation. When you reinstalled windows was there any other drives plugged in? It might not be that but if that was all you changed then it might be a good place to start
  8. If you're only using 20-40% then your cpu doesnt need to run faster. There is more to a fast CPU than clock speed, some old celerons can go up past 10Ghz but you wont get minecraft on one
  9. I went from a 4690k to a ryzen 5 2600, I got mine for £90 after some deal hunting, and I got a really cheap mobo from my bro but youre gonna need a new mobo anyway. Honestly go with whatever cpu/ram/mobo combo you can get on ebay for cheap
  10. A windows 10 debloater can work wonders on some systems, JayZtwoCents used this one in one of his videos:https://github.com/Sycnex/Windows10Debloater