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  1. Thanks, is 650W enough for those components?
  2. Hi, just after a good power supply for a build. what is a good power supply around $100-$130 AUD for a Ryzen 5 3/5600x /Ryzen 7 3700x & a RTX 3070/ RTX2080 Super / RTX 2080ti i was looking at the EVGA GD 700W and the Cooler Master MWE V2 750W, both 80+ Gold
  3. Thanks heaps for that explanation, are any of those PSUs i have linked any good? Cheers
  4. Hi, helping a mate build a PC. What is the best PSU for the RTX3070 around $100 AUD/$70USD ± 20USD. He's currently got a Ryzen 5 3600/ B550 / GTX1650 on Corsair 450W 80+ PSU Is 80+ Gold worth it over the extra cost over Bronze? I've been looking at theses two: - EVGA GD 700W 80+ Gold - https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=100-GD-0700-V1 / - Cooler Master MWE 80+ Gold -https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/power-supplies/mwe-series/mwe-gold-650-v2/
  5. @Anghammarad - If I was to update it, how would I make it go past the logon screen
  6. {Update} Created installation media on separate device and loaded it up, touchscreen came on so I kinda bent the screen which stooped the touchscreen from coming on and restored to old version of Windows 10 Thanks for the help everyone
  7. Is there a shorter way to do it? or is that it? I might just take it to the place where I bought it from and get it fixed
  8. F**k, got onto device manager and was about to disable touchscreen and then it started
  9. Are you joking? If so, I did, if you weren't, it didn't work
  10. It was an update and yeah, couldn't complete because of the touch screen
  11. Yep, I used the first command on the website - "http://saniac.com/windows-could-not-complete-the-installation-error-after-joining-a-domain-during-sysprep/" to get to device manager to disable the touch but it let me ;(