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  1. Ok so fellows need a bit of help.
    For the past few months ive been having this issue of my pc  suddenly  restarting  during gaming ,( mostly play cod:MW and bf 5, rdr2). Mostly  noticed this during MW multiplayer. 
    Some times it  wud occur at desktop or during  watching  videos on pc , not YouTube. 
    I had a voltage stabilizer  attached  so it was occurring  inspite of that.
    But in last week or soo it increased  in frequency  that everytime  during mw match it wud restart.
    I assumed  bad stabilizer  so attached pc  directly   to power socket. Still happend, then i assumed it might be due to power phase  fluctuations,  ( live in third world  country  yall).
    I had good run  of play yesterday  with few restarts but now today in afternoon after i came home and turned my pc on the display wont show up  and the peripherals  wont light  up.
    I go into shock thinking  my rtx 2070 has died again ( died once and got it RMAed and free replaced  by evga).
    I tried a different  display port  socket on my  card and it worked huzzah but relirf was short lived as it booted to desktop but hung up,  it did this  once more then never displayed  it again.  I tried reseating card and  different  port on card i.e DVI-D and HDMi but no luck. Then i tried  my old gtx 1070  and  gtx 650ti boost  i had lying around  which i knew for sure that worked. But alas  the display showeed up just once  for my 1070 and hung  up again  at system repair. I got 2 different  types errors at the win 10 BSOD. 1 was key" Kmode_exception_not_handled" and the other was "Driver  overan stack buffer".
    Tried my 650 ti boost using all 3 types of ports dvi d , hdmi , display port  no luck.
    Tried using my pci-e 1x slot  instead  of 16x , no luck.
    Tried using ram sticks 1 by 1 , no luck.
    Removed all peripherals  except mouse and keyboard, no luck.
    No way to test/trouble shoot psu
    Im now  beginning to  think, it may be the motherboard that is slagged ?.

    Any help guys , wud be appreciated,  
    Having my pc die during pandemic  is a soo soul crushing. Especially   if its my 2070 which i hope its not, as its going to be soo difficult  to RMA it due to pandemic. 
     My average  usage time is around  12 hrs a day with at least  3 to 4 hr straight  gaming sessions   at any one time. , with 1 to 2 hr breaks  for  just  chilling , watching vids, eating and bathroom breaks.

    Here are my  specs below.

    Cpu : i7 7700
    Mobo: asus rog  strix b250f
    Ram: 2x 8gb corsair
    Psu: corsair vengeance  series 650w 
    Gpu: evga rtx 2070 8gb black edition 
    Case: corsair spec 01 blue
    Monitor: 1 hp 1440p monitor 60mhz
    Storage: seagate Sata 2tb HDD
    Peripheral:  razer kraken 7.1 headset,  razer deathadder

    If it is the mobo  then finding the 7th gen mobos is a pain, since they are  technically  old tech and hard to find in market.

    Any help wud be appreciated