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  1. Ok so fellows need a bit of help. For the past few months ive been having this issue of my pc suddenly restarting during gaming ,( mostly play cod:MW and bf 5, rdr2). Mostly noticed this during MW multiplayer. Some times it wud occur at desktop or during watching videos on pc , not YouTube. I had a voltage stabilizer attached so it was occurring inspite of that. But in last week or soo it increased in frequency that everytime during mw match it wud restart. I assumed bad stabilizer so attached pc directly to power socket. Still happend, then i assumed it might be
  2. i got one a week ago works fine, but on gaming mode the temps go all the way up to 80'C under load , had to make a custom fan curve to keep this sucker under 75'C
  3. have and old standard Dell keyboard and HP mouse with audionic headphones. would love the grand prize
  4. using a 650 ti boost GIBE NAO PLEZ nicklmg loose some weight bruh
  5. I'd like the mouse, using an old factory standard 800 dpi HP mouse. Now this mouse's level is over 9000 to improve uber gaming skills to leet level :D. LMG FTW