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  1. image.thumb.png.1ff21bdbefbb77566475a93c5582e665.png(




    thanks to @Jurunce for all the help putting this rig together (including all of the chopping up/ghetto mounting of hardware)

  2. People have asked why WE isn't supported on Linux and it's mainly due to how it works "The thing is, it's still going to have to project that wallpaper to your desktop environment. It's going to be a lot harder than just getting it to launch.First off, we have GNOME, the default Ubuntu desktop. Before that, Ubuntu used Unity. Then, we have Linux Mint, which comes in all of four different desktop environments.In Cinnamon, the wallpaper is linked to the default file explorer. I don't know how it works on GNOME or KDE, or any other desktop environment, but my point is: you'd have to make an im
  3. I would be on linux if it wasn't for Wallpaper Engine (because WE isn't supported on Linux due to how it works) but I've heard a lot of good things about it and i've been itching to try it out. Though I can agree with everyone on the EGS topic. I think Tim Sweeney told Andrew Wilson to hold his beer.
  4. 1080 TI all the way OMEGALUL, tho if your trying to play PUBG it's not going to run well anyways (Bluehole's games always runs like crap anyways)
  5. Depends on what game and use-case you have for SLI, I use 2 GTX 960 4GB Cards in SLI (and I know i'm going to get memed for it) but I mainly use it because I couldn't buy a 1080 TI at the time (1800+ USD, thanks miners) so I popped my 2ed GTX 960 I had lying around and started using SLI again. Though if you are going to use SLI, NVIDIA Inspector is a MUST as you can force a game to use SLI, and has other benefits like Multi Display Power Saver.
  6. main reason why i am interested in the case is because of the watercooling support (specifically with the Reservoir Mount in the case)
  7. we were talking about http://www.overclock.net/t/1642144/caselabs-announces-the-magnum-sma8-a-revision-sma8-a EDIT: was on Page 24 so i fixed made it go to page 1.
  8. thanks man, i'll look into either getting this or an SMA8 Rev A.
  9. Sorry for the necro but, will this case work with the Rampage V Edition 10? Thanks.
  10. Am I going to be in the "Dead GPU Club" Soon™?

    1. Candren Lycosa

      Candren Lycosa

      nevermind the GPU I tested is fully working, gonna sell it for some money

  11. You can have different refresh rates for the monitors (I believe my left monitor goes up to 1080p 30 hz) BUT it lowers ALL of the monitors refresh rates to the one with the lowest refresh rate. also I don't recommend using NVIDIA Surround due to the fact that most games have issues with it.
  12. I decided to go with the GTX 1080 TI since it's the same price as the 1080 before it's announcement, I'm just waiting for @LinusTech to release those sweet, sexy benchmarks before I go out to buy it.
  13. Yes, but at world bosses i have to turn all the settings down to low otherwise i would get 3-5 fps i see people play the game @ 1080p with a GTX 1080. If your wondering what my CPU is, it an Intel i7 6700k @ 4.5 ghz
  14. I'm looking to play at Ultra settings at 1080p (maybe 1440p). I mostly play Black Desert Online which is not an easy game to run. screen shot is my settings (I mostly get 30-50 fps)
  15. I currently have a GeForce GTX 960 4gb and I'm wanting to play some of the newer titles coming out, should i budget a GTX 1080 or wait for the GTX 1080 TI or the 1180?
  16. Actually to be exact, TERA's AMD (CPU end, idk about the GPU department) optimization is basically nonexistent for some odd reason, also I did testing with the game and found that the GPU utilization is a complete joke (10-15% regardless of graphic settings) which is also another reason why the game runs like crap. (Imagine playing an MMO that requires you to dodge and aim manually at 2-10 fps, because that's what my fps is in that game)
  17. they probably will, knowing blizzard's track record. I'll let you know if they do because I get into all of their pre-alphas and betas since i have friends on the inside. :3
  18. overwatch is probably the only blizzard game i know that relies more on single threaded performance, but even than, their games are highly optimized when it comes to AMD CPUs (unlike a lot of game developers)
  19. I might actually go to Volta if it comes out in 2017, idk it might come out in 2018.
  20. also is the mic extremely good, because as far as what I know it's very good, but I would like some knowledge about it here.
  21. that's true (especially with Blizzard games when it comes to multi-core support)